Apr.15 / 2016

Jason Derulo And Pentatonix Give New Life To ‘If I Ever Fall In Love’

A cappella group Pentatonix have shaken up the music industry and gained fans worldwide thanks to their inventive singing style and beautiful harmonies. Likewise, Jason Derulo has become an international singing sensation with his smash hits like Want You To Want Me, Watcha Say, The Other Side and Talk Dirty. So what happens when you combine the two? A really, really good cover.

Breathing new life into Shai’s 1992 hit If I Ever Fall In Love Again, Pentatonix and Derulo are a match made in harmony heaven, paying respects to the group work of the original track. Derulo shows off his classical training and hits one of the highest notes we’ve ever heard from the singer. For their part, Pentatonix continue to ‘wow’ us with their musical interpretations of classic songs. Why didn’t our high school have a glee club?

The new single was originally recorded in 2015 and is off the band’s self-titled disc of the same year, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in October. The new record is the first from Pentatonix to be comprised of mainly original tracks with If I Ever Fall In Love as the only cover.

The video for If I Ever Fall In Love was released this week and features the members of Pentatonix dressed in all-white, while Derulo stands out in red jacket. Colorful beams and different lighting sequences are projected onto the six singers, who give emotional performances of the love song.

The new video doesn’t have nearly as many shirtless scenes as the original, but for such a pretty song we’ll let that slide.