Jul.15 / 2014

Jenny Lewis Makes Kristen Stewart Fun in ‘Just One Of The Guys’

We often judge Kristen Stewart for her lack of emotion and full-on display of apathy during press tours, but that blank stare is the perfect, Robert Palmer-esque look for Jenny Lewis’ new video Just One of The Guys. In addition to casting Stewart, the video also features actress Brie Larson and Oscar Winner Anne Hathaway as Lewis’ band members.

Produced by Beck, the new single takes on gender norms and feeling comfortable in ones own skin.

Directed by Lewis, the video features the famous women playing their instruments in white suits, while Jenny performs the single from her upcoming album The Voyager in an galactic-themed ensemble, complete with matching guitar.

After a quick outfit change, Lewis and her pseudo-band mates appear in drag in Adidas tracksuits, with Hathaway hilariously attempting to break dance, while Stewart enjoys gesturing to where she envisions her male genitalia to be. For the most part, Larson just looks really cool in and out of drag.

Lewis isn’t the first artist to enlist the help of Hollywood A-listers to appear in drag. Spider Man star Andrew Garfield dressed in drag in an emotional and poignant role for Arcade Fire’s latest video We Exist.

Jenny Lewis’ The Voyager is set to be released on July 29.


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