Nov.27 / 2014

Jonathan Bennett of Dancing With The Stars Posts a Massive Dance Fail Video

Ever since he asked Cady Heron what day it was (it was October 3rd, FYI) we have loved Jonathan Bennett. In his famous role as Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, he captured our swooning-hearts and made movie history as a heartthrob. On this season of Dancing With The Stars, Bennett again made us swoon, showing that playing the nice guy on film wasn’t just an act.

As a huge fan of the show, Bennett talked endlessly about how excited he was to finally be cast in Season 19. Unfortunately, his dancing skills didn’t always match his enthusiasm and we said a sad goodbye to Bennett halfway through the season (too soon, he was robbed, etc.).

Recently, a video popped up on YouTube showing Bennett and his friends practicing their contemporary dance styles before DWTS and things definitely took a turn for the worse. This is why you should always dance with one of the two P’s - a Pro or padding.

Bennett’s friend Nick Nicotera has apparently been holding onto the video until now, saying “I begged Jonathan Bennett ( Mean Girls, DWTS ) to allow me to post this video for months. He promised he would let me release during the season finale of Dancing With The Stars and that time is here! The guys made the video as a joke to send to a friend this past Mother’s Day. The fall is 100% real and thankfully Jonathan didn’t suffer any long term injuries. Enjoy.”

Bennett takes a violent fall in the video, but like a good sport, laughs it off and gave the okay to Nicotera to post the video. We’re happy he’s okay, especially since we’re terrible people and did a loud gasp/laugh the first time we watched…and the tenth time.

Check out Jonathan Bennett’s massive dance fail and click here to catch up on the Season 19 finale of Dancing With The Stars, which included a much less performance dance from Bennett.