May.30 / 2015

Kelly Clarkson Gives Us A New Inspire-Anthem With ‘Invincible’

There are some artists that know how to write a song to make you feel better on the crappiest of days. One of those artists is undoubtedly Kelly Clarkson.

She gave us Since U Been Gone to help with the break ups, Behind These Hazel Eyes to help with the dark stuff, and Stronger to help with just about any situation that requires a musical pep talk.

Now Clarkson has released her latest song for our souls with Invincible. For the second single off Piece By Piece, Clarkson’s impressive seventh studio album, Invincible shows off the singer’s incredible vocal range and excellent taste in writers (this was penned by hitmaker Sia).

The video features dancing from Clarkson both on her own and with a group of female back up dancers that have been freed from their ’emotional boxes’. We can’t tell what we’re loving more - the beautiful symbolism or getting to see Kelly dance in a video!

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s video for her latest inspire-anthem Invincible.