Oct.23 / 2014

Kiesza Tells M3 What Happened When A Cop Showed Up To The ‘Hideaway’ Video Shoot

Kiesza M3 Int.

Calgary native Kiesza has taken the dance world by storm. In under a year, the singer-songwriter has hit number one on the dance charts in the UK, performed at her first MMVAs, and most recently released her debut album, Sound of a Woman. M3 host Gaby Henderson sat down with Kiesza to discuss the making of the Hideaway video, how she envisions her future, and why no one is more surprised than Kiesza that she is enjoying a career as a singer.

With a heavy influence of 90s music, thanks to her mom exposing her at a young age to the work of artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Kiesza feels that now is the best time to be a music fan. “I wouldn’t say there’s anything missing in music.” Kiesza continues, explaining “We have access to everything online, so if you want to go back to the 90s anytime you want you can go there.”

Check out our entire interview with Kiesza below!




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