Sep.30 / 2015

Lana Del Rey Sparkles, Swims And Smiles In ‘Music To Watch Boys To’

Despite the name of her new single, Lana Del Rey doesn’t really watch boys. In her new video for Music To Watch Boys To, the macabre singer dons her usual beehive hair and mile long lashes while inspiring fans to raid their grandparent’s basement for 1970s lawn furniture.

The black and white video features Del Rey singing along to her song while wearing flower headphones and lounging in a fake backyard, while a group of scantily clad young, thin white women seductively swim around each other.

The dreamy and surreal images of Del Rey and the swimmers are in a sharp contrast to visuals of men playing basketball and skateboarding, two seemingly normal activities that stand out in comparison. Or maybe we just don’t do enough hanging out in front of gramophones.

Watching Del Rey move in slow motion through her videos is nothing surprising, but what does stand out is an act fans almost never witness in a Lana videos - a smile! Maybe we should get some lawn furniture.

Music To Watch Boys To is the second official single from Honeymoon, Del Rey’s fourth studio album. The new record was released in September and features the first single High By The Beach.