Feb.2 / 2016

Leon Bridges Releases Socially-Charged Video For ‘The River’


Leon Bridges took the music world by storm last year with his debut album Coming Home and has no intention of slowing down in 2016. Though only 26, the Texas singer managed to produce an album that works as a time machine, transporting listeners back to the 1920s era of soul and gospel music.

One of the stand out tracks on the album teeming with emotional experiences was undoubtedly The River, which has just received the video treatment.

Bridges teamed up with Vancouver-born director Miles Jay, boasts a track record that includes winning awards at both TIFF and the Cannes Film Festival for his short films. Jay’s background in music videos is limited but impressive, having created the immersive Facebook experience for Toronto band Young Empires in their White Doves music video.

Jay has again created a piece of work that engulfs the viewer, spring boarding off a beautifully quiet performance from Bridges in a tired motel. Shot in Baltimore, Bridges performs The River, sometimes acoustically with the help from a female singer, while a TV in the room plays news footage from last year’s riots in the same city.

The video also includes actors enduring an uncertain life in the city, including a moving vigil for those who have lost their lives. Much like the song, the video moves from despair to hope, ending with all three main characters finding some sort of solace.

Watch Leon Bridge’s video for The River below.