Sep.9 / 2015

Listen To Alanis Morissette’s Previously Unreleased ‘Superstar Wonderful Weirdos’

It’s been 20 years since a Canadian child star from You Can’t Do That On Television left behind her bubble gum pop career and became the screaming voice of a generation.

In 1995, a then 20 year-old Alanis Morissette teamed up with producer Glen Ballard to create what would become Jagged Little Pill, an album that went on to sell 33 million copies and win five of its nine Grammy nominations.

The record catapulted Morissette to a level of super stardom experienced only by a handful of artists, with her songs of love and heartbreak, redemption and defeat resonating with fans around the world.

To celebrate the iconic album, Morissette and Ballard have teamed up once again to remaster the original 13 tracks and release the acoustic Jagged Little Pill in honour of the 10 year anniversary of Morissette’s unplugged tour.

They’re not stopping there. The duo are also making available 10 previously unreleased tracks recorded during the making of Jagged Little Pill. It’s like we’re getting a SECOND Jagged Little Pill!

The first song to be made available is Superstar Wonderful Weirdos, which features Morissette singing about people who feel like they don’t fit into society. With lyrics like “Billy’s a football star/And he drives around in his muscle car/But he really really wants to be a ballerina/And he wonders; who am I?”, Alanis reiterates that her songs written two decades ago are just as relevant now as they were then.

Jagged Little Pill: Collectors Edition will be released on October 30.