Oct.14 / 2015

Listen To Hedley’s Inspiring New Single ‘Hello’

Hedley Hello Lyric Video M3

Hedley are less than a month away from the November 6 release of Hello and are already sharing the inspiration behind the new album’s title.

Acting as their next single, Hedley have just released the title track from their upcoming fifth record and it’s an emotional eye-opener. The foursome from BC are always a safe bet when it comes to music that inspires and the new track is no different.

Hello is a song about that moment when you hang up the phone and you wish you didn’t,” says lead singer Jacob Hoggard, who wrote the lyrics for Hello. “That idea that knowing what it takes to get through something and ultimately it being as simple as just reaching out and saying ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’ or saying ‘hello, I miss you’.”

In addition to a new lyric video for the single, the band also released a behind the scenes clip talking about the inspiration behind Hello. “It’s that connection,” says Hoggard, “that simple moment that you want so bad to have happen, but it’s the hardest thing to do. For us, Hello was so deeply rooted in our need to both express ourselves and connect with people.”

The band performed the song earlier this month at We Day in Toronto and according to drummer Cris Crippin, Hello will definitely make the set list when the Hedley hit the road on their next tour. “It’s going to be one of the moments when you need another lift in the set, so I hope we get to play it twice.”

“I think Jake really hit this one out of the park,” says bassist Tommy Mac. “It’s kind of the theme for the whole record. It’s upbeat.”

We’re looking forward to hearing a lot of Hedley’s new song Hello. Maybe even twice in a set.

Hedley’s new album Hello is set to be released on November 6.