May.23 / 2014

Liz looks back on her trip to Barbados

Next Saturday, May 31 at 6E/3P, the M3 Countdown will go to Barbados to bring you a sunny special hosted by our very own Liz Trinnear. Here, Liz takes us through her journey to the tropical paradise and shares with us her unique experience there.

Picture this: you are sitting at your desk in the middle of winter, trying to recovery from the gnarly winter cold you caught over a month prior and then your boss emails you saying, “So, you’re around next week right? You’re going to cover M3 Countdown in Barbados with Enrique Iglesias, Magic!, Cris Cab and Pitbull.” Well, that happened and you can only imagine my face: Kevin from Home Alone style. Beyond the excitement that I was getting the chance to interview some really great artists, I was getting the chance to go to BAR-FREAKING-BADOS!!!!!

Fast forward a week, I land in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Immediately we are greeted by lovely people at the airport including our driver for the week (and one of the happiest and healthiest men) Trevor. This man throughout the week reminded me that you only get one life and better be grateful and happy with what you do with it. He was accompanied by our tour guide and Barbados native, Maria. Her responsibility for the week was to take us all around the island of Barbados and show us the real beauty within the culture. After reading this blog and seeing the footage, you will understand why Maria did a fantastic job and why I will DEFINITELY be vacationing there in the future.

To make things easy, I’m going to break down this blog in subtitles.

We stayed at this cute little 24 room hotel called Island Inn Hotel. The rooms were great, the staff was lovely and best part: it was a one minute walk from the ocean and Cuz’s Fish Shack (I ate there three times and I will forever dream of Cuz’s famous fish sandwich *drool*).

Location highlights
• Needham’s point was the first place on the island where my breath was actually taken away. The most perfect crystal clear, turquoise blue water, surrounded by warm wind and gorgeous palm trees everywhere.

• George Washington’s House - who would have known George Washington had a vacation home in Barbados? The only place where George lived outside of the US. He stayed there with his ill half-brother Lawrence who was suffering from tuberculosis in the mid 1700’s. Did I mention my Canada winter cough was cured by the beautiful Barbados weather?

• Rihanna’s condo - She sure shine’s bright like a diamond and I would too if I was born and raised in paradise. 1 Sandy Lane, yes, the same location where Oprah shot her interview with Rihanna. I didn’t get past the gate but the nice security man informed me that there were only 8 condos within this large space. Each one has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4 floors and are BALLIN’. I walked on the same sand Rihanna walked on, it was a big moment for me.

• Cin Cin By The Sea - Divine food, breathtaking view and one of the highlights of my trip. Seriously, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my lifetime thus far. We watched the sunset go down over the Carribean sea while eating a fantastic meal, enjoying great wine and great company. #bucketlist - CHECK

• Martin’s Bay - a small fishing village on the east side of the island where I had the lovely experience of interviewing the talented and chill Cris Cab! We enjoyed some of the best food I had on the island at their famous Thursday fish fry.

• Bathesheba - If I had to choose the most beautiful viewpoint on the island, I’d choose Bathesheba. If I lived there I could live out my Kate Bosworth Blue Crush dreams and truly experience paradise.

• Breakfast in Barbados concert - I had already had an incredible experience exploring the island of barbados leading up to the big concert for Breakfast in Barbados. I was excited to end the trip on a high note and watch some fun performances. The concert started with the group Magic!, followed by a shoeless (and crazy good live) Cris Cab, onto a sexy time and quirky performance by Enrique Iglesias and finally ending with a fiery and upbeat crazy high energy performance by Pitbull. All in all it was quite the experience and perfect last night in Barbados!

• Honorable mentions: Sunbury Plantation, Oistin’s Bay Fish Market, The Four Square Rum Distillery, Copacababa beachfront.

VIVA BARBADOS! but actually, one of the best work trips I’ll ever go on. #tooblessedtobestressed

Don’t forget to tune in Saturday at 6E/3P


Oh P.S. I didn’t get one sunburn. Sunscreen is sexy so protect your skin!




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