Feb.16 / 2015

Lola Goes Up Against A New Enemy In This Scene From Wednesday’s Reign

On tomorrow’s brand new episode of Reign, Mary’s mother Mary of Guise has traveled to France for the funeral of the Duke of Guise. Of course, she’s there to do a lot more than look good in black and cry a few fake tears. Mary of Guise is also on a mission to ensure her daughter’s throne and name remain intact and for her that means squashing anyone that stands in her way. Like Lola.

Lola is already dealing with a lifetime of betraying her best friend and being seen as the King’s mistress and now she has to deal with with Scary Mary. Although in all fairness, we kinda see where Mary of Guise is coming from. Queens have a tendency to get beheaded and Mary probably likes her daughter’s head where it is.

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