Aug.7 / 2015

Lucy Hale Reveals What Fans Will Learn on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars Finale

We’re only a few days away from finally ending our six seasons of sleepless nights thanks to never-ending Pretty Little Liars theories. Is it one of the Liars? Their boyfriends/girlfriends? Their parents? Their evil twins who may or may not be real? Their dentist? Somebody tell us already!!!

Thankfully, we do get to find out soon. Lucy Hale appeared on Seth Meyers this week and promised that all will be revealed on Tuesday’s summer finale. “…the episode that airs next week reveals pretty much every question that every fan of the show has ever wanted to know and I’m not lying this time,” said Hale. “They really are giving information.”

Lucy said she’s also been plagued with never-ending thoughts on who could be behind ‘A’s black hoody. “I’ve created all sorts of theories. It’s what keeps me up at night.” said Lucy. “I’ve thought it was me, I’ve thought it was Ezra.”

Hale, who has played Aria Montgomery for all six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, gets us even more excited for Tuesday’s finale when she says “When I found out who it was, I don’t know how they came up with it. It’s pretty big. It’s huge.”

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