Jan.8 / 2015

Lucy Hale Reveals Which PLL Storyline Made Her Angry At Her Castmates

It can be difficult as a fan to separate an actor from their character. A character does something horrific on a show and you later have to try to believe them as a kind, gentle soul when they take on a new project. Well, actors are just like us. Sometimes they get mad at people who play jerks on TV too.

Case in point, actress Lucy Hale. The Pretty Little Liars star appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers this week and revealed that she sometimes gets angry at her castmates when their character does something awful, which on PLL is a pretty common occurrence.

Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery, admitted that she was upset with Ian Harding when his character Ezra turned out to be working for ‘A’. We were upset too, Lucy. We were too.

Hale also said that she didn’t have any spoilers to share with the audience since the writers won’t tell her anything ahead of episode tapings. Just to be clear, the rest of the cast are in the ‘know’, but apparently Hale can’t be trusted. In all fairness, we would TOTALLY tell everyone if we knew who the real ‘A’ was.

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