Mar.17 / 2015

Mary And Louis Are Not The Only Secret Couple In This Look At Wednesday’s Reign

On tomorrow’s brand new episode of Reign airing 8E/5P exclusively on M3, Mary and Louis are continuing their secret love affair at the risk of being beheaded. There should be a special Facebook Status for these two. ‘It’s complicated’ seems a bit trivial. It’s nice to see Mary happy and in love again, but how long can this last with Queen Elizabeth’s valet in town to bring Louis back to England with him? We’re pretty sure the expiration date will arrive at the end of tomorrow’s episode.

On the other side of the castle, another couple sneaking off to hidden bedrooms is Claude and Narcisse. Or is it Catherine and Narcisse? In this sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode it looks like Narcisse is spending a lot of time with mother and daughter, though we’re not sure if his relationship with Catherine has crossed the friendship line yet. Either way, this triangle is making us very uncomfortable.

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