Oct.3 / 2014

Mary Learns The Wrath of Narcisse on Wednesday’s Reign

We’re getting our first look at next week’s brand new episode of Reign and things do not look good. Scratch that, they don’t look good for Mary and Nostradamus. They look super dramatic and awesome for us watching from the safety of our couches.

It turns out that Lord Narcisse, who we met in last week’s season premiere, is Edward’s father, who died in last week’s season premiere. To recap, Edward wanted the man sleeping with his wife put to death by plague or else he would stop his wheat delivery to the French Court. Mary refused, he killed a bunch of innocent people, so she sent him to the dungeon to be infected and die.

Naricsse showed up and not too surprisingly was less than thrilled that his son was dead.

Narcisse feels that someone has to pay and since he can’t punish Mary, the next person in line appears to be Nostradamus. Poor, poor Nostradamus. I am not looking forward to watching these torture scenes.

Catherine and Francis are furious with Mary, but Mary points out that she was in charge because her husband deserted her. In Francis’ defense, he was trying to help Lola and his unborn child. In Mary’s defense, this kinda sucks for her.

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