Feb.7 / 2014

Matt crunches some numbers in his weekly blog

Cody & Matt

Welcome to this weeks edition of “Things I never thought I’d say”. This week on M3 Countdown, check out my interview with Cody Simpson. HUH?!

17 years old and already deciding he wants to change the formula that has virtually made him the heir apparent to the Justin Bieber teen pop-thrown, this was an interesting conversation between a kid who might be on the brink of something pretty huge, and a guy whose 7 year old daughter has his posters on her wall. Worlds are colliding.

Sam Roberts is also on the show this week to chat about his new album, Lo Fantasy. FYI: When Sam released his 1st album in 2002, Cody Simpson was 7. There are some musical anniversary’s on the show this week on the topic of feeling old involving Kanye and Green Day, there’s a new Twitter queen we bow down to, and we’ve found a way for you to crawl inside your music, literally.

As we run through the top 30 videos of the week we will also go Brunchin’ with The Daryl Hall to my John Oates…*ahem*…I mean the John Oates to my Daryl Hall, Lauren Toyota, as we discuss the age old question: To cover or not to cover? I also sit at our shiny desk, this week with my “Bung” shirt, and bring “News of the Week” which details why Bruno Mars was the actual Super Bowl winner according to Forbes Magazine; how next year’s 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future” is about to get more musical; and why a teacher in Florida got suspended for 3 days because of a Lil’ Wayne song.

Your kiss is on my list,

Watch Cody Simpson’s La Da Dee here and be sure to watch them appear on M3 Countdown this Saturday!