Apr.17 / 2014

Matt flexes his musical and acting muscles on this week’s M3 Countdown

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Someone recently sent me a YouTube link of my very first interview as a musician on TV. It was on MuchEast, I was a 19-year-old kid from Newfoundland, and I was ready to tackle the music world. For the next 10 years I lived the life of a hungry musician trying to chase a living through Rock & Roll. Somewhere along the way I wound up on TV as the host of the very show I started out on, and thus my new life as a musician interviewing musicians began.

Once my band called it quits I moved to Toronto and continued to make music while still interviewing musicians, but then all of a sudden I was being asked to interview actors and directors. This new challenge forced me to pay attention to a little voice that had always been in my head. I started to explore my love of film and a lingering desire to act. I started taking classes and devouring every book I could think of until I felt I was ready to find an agent and start auditioning. I was starting a new life not unlike slugging it out in bars as musician but now as a working actor just beginning to pay his dues. I started booking gigs and before I knew it I was an actor interviewing actors.

On this week’s show I get to flex both muscles:

I chat with Royal Wood about his need to cut off from the world he knew, travel to Ireland, and find himself through his music in the wake of a broken marriage. He is an artist I have a tremendous amount of respect for and having a conversation with him about songwriting was a thrill for me not only as a journalist, but as a musician.

Tatiana Maslany jumped on everyone’s radar with a breakthrough performance on the series Orphan Black. She scored the role of a lifetime which requires her to tackle multiple characters, and she also recently had the opportunity to work with Richard Dreyfuss in a new film called Cas and Dylan. I was very excited to talk to her about her journey through acting because she has a great story which intrigues me not only as a journalist, but as an actor.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to be a guy who gets to pursue his dreams while having the opportunity to grill the people I admire about how they achieved their own…but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better not to ask any questions at all.

See you down the road,


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