Jan.31 / 2014

Matt Wells gives us his week-in-review report

We’re pretty excited about the show this week and it has everything to do with Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings. Our goal with this new version of M3 Countdown is to 1962 Bob Dylan the shit out of it and find a balance between the old and the new. So instead of just music videos for two hours we have also been brining you interviews, music news, and other pop culture happenings that we think are interesting…but this week we have something else: performances. Our very first acoustic performance is from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings; two songs and they are incredible.

In addition to the performances Sharon and I talk about the state of soul music and how what people call soul and R&B today is actually something quite different, and she also recounts her very recent battle with cancer which is a very humbling conversation to have with someone. I have always been a fan of hers and count this interview as one of the highlights of my career.

Aaron Eckhart was in town promoting his new movie I, Frankenstein and I bet you five buckaroos I was the only person that day to ask him about Pink Floyd. I heard him say one time how much he liked Pink Floyd because he has a dark side so we chatted about tapping into that world for this new role and why he connects with that band so much. On the topic of old bands, Lauren Toyota is back for another episode of Brunchin when we posit on the idea of vinyl. To vinyl or not to vinyl, that is the question.

In News of the Week we’ll talk Grammy fallout and controversy instead of “Who wore what?” or “Who was spotted with who?” Trent Reznor is not a happy man in the wake of his dream team Grammy finale getting chopped in half; we’ll explore how the finale of all finales turned into a big FU tweet AT the Grammy’s. Also, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis might have been the big rap (notice I didn’t say hip hop) winners of the evening but some people don’t think they deserved it…including Macklemore. Finally, as I sit here with a collection of early Quentin Tarantino interviews on my desk, we have news on how the internet might have cost us a new Tarantino film…as you can imagine I’m none too happy about it, Honey Bunny.

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Watch Sharon Jones & The Dap King’s Stranger To My Happiness here and be sure to watch them appear on M3 Countdown this Saturday!