Jan.24 / 2014

Matt Wells reflects on his interviews on this week’s M3 Countdown

This week on M3 Countdown a running themes seems to be the infamous 27 Club (with thanks to Fefe Dobson). Her video for Legacy see’s her paying homage to some of the unfortunate members of that club like Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, along with some other artists not part of that list but who did have demons that ultimately led to their own tragic ending. I never expected a conversation about her video to bring us to such a candid moment for Fefe, but it turned out to be a very revealing chat about rock and roll, and loneliness.

I have strong feelings about our infatuation with the 27 Club and how glamorized it has become, so this opportunity to chat with Fefe about it was very interesting to me and it also carried over into this weeks episode of Brunchin’ with my music geek BFF, Lauren Toyota.

Also on the show this week Jason Derulo tells me how the pressures of the music business are nothing compared to the pressure from his mom to get married… hate to say it Jason my friend, but you sort of asked for that when you released a video called Marry Me starring your girlfriend. As much as I usually don’t care to talk about relationship type things in interviews, in this case I couldn’t resist giving him a hard time about it. He also told me about the accident that almost ended his career, and those types of conversations are always very humbling for me. Life is pretty fragile but the human spirit, from my experiences in talking to people for living, is very strong.

News of the Week is very Kanye-centric, but so is pop culture right now. He just did a fantastic interview with 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen which I break down for you by way of an 80’s sitcom (brilliantly if I do say so myself). Then we talk religion. We talk Yeezianity. I shit you not, there is a new religion based on Kanye. Praise Yeezus. Outside of the good book according to Kanye this week I’m gonna tell you how Joseph Gordon-Levitt owned Sundance this year by asking for YOUR ideas, and how while Miley Cyrus might be getting the MTV Unplugged treatment this month, she is doing nothing for US and UK relations.

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