Jul.30 / 2014

Members of The White Watch Get In Over Their Heads on Thursday’s ‘The Smoke’

On tomorrow’s brand new episode of The Smoke, it’s the morning after the night before and White Watch have the scars to show for it. Called to rescue a man stuck on the side of one of London’s tallest buildings, the hapless Little Al is desperate to prove he’s got what it takes under pressure. But in a flashback to the previous day, it’s not entirely clear that he does…

The night before and trouble is afoot at the biggest cage fight of Little Al’s life. Asked by a local criminal to throw the fight, he is in way over his head and, worst of all, his colleagues have turned up to support him. But the Watch’s big night out doesn’t just spell trouble for Little Al. Mal is wrestling with his recent betrayal and Dennis is struggling to keep an old and dangerous friend under control.

As secrets come to the fore, everything Kev holds dear is put under threat and Dennis must rely on his family to get him out of trouble. With the Watch rocked to the core, can Little Al rely on them when he needs them the most? And can the Watch rely on him when a terrifying, stomach-lurching rescue goes disastrously wrong?

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