Dec.9 / 2014

Mona Sends Hanna A Message From The Grave on Tonight’s PLL Special!

Tonight for the first time ever Pretty Little Liars is going where its never gone before - Christmas.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s special episode How The ‘A’ Stole ChristmAs, we learn that Mona put plans into place on the chance she would be killed by ‘A’. A smart move on her part, but shouldn’t someone have been alerted that a teenager in good health was worried they were going to be killed in the near future? What exactly do you have to do in Rosewood to raise a red flag?

Watch the exclusive clip below and check out our 12 Days of Pretty Little Liars Christmas here!

Don’t miss How The ‘A’ Stole ChristmAs TONIGHT at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.