Jul.10 / 2014

Mother Mother Get Colourful with ‘Get Out The Way’ Video

Vancouver-based indie band Mother Mother are back with new music and we couldn’t be happier. The five-piece rock band last released a new album in 2012 with The Sticks and made a huge impression with their hard-hitting single Let’s Fall In Love, the follow up to their break out single Baby Don’t Dance.

Mother Mother are back and still not pulling any punches, this time with their new track Get Out The Way.

The gritty video begins looking like a scene from Trainspotting, with members of Mother Mother walking through a rundown, graffiti-filled warehouse. We don’t want to spoil the outcome of their destination, but things get much more colourful for Mother Mother and their legion of fans by the video’s end.

Check out Get Out The Way by Mother Mother below!


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