Jul.30 / 2014

Nick Jonas Breaks Free of the Jo-Bros With ‘Chains’ Video

Nick Jonas is breaking free of his past as a Jonas Brother with his latest music video for Chains. The new single marks a rebirth of the former Disney star, who is upping the sexy factor with both his lyrics and video. We totally noticed, Nick. And we like what we see.

Exactly how far from his childstar past as a Jonas Brother is Nick moving? We rate his new video, using 1 as a Disneyfied Jo-Bro and 10 as full Miley.

Video open featuring a menacing dog? 8


Artistic shot of cathedral ceiling? 6


Framing authority figures as the enemy? 9


Copying Justin Timberlake’s weird idea of being dragged across a floor in a video? 7…and ouch


Lyrics like “Alone in the night she knocks on my door/ Wasted again but I can’t say no”? 9


Exposed (and impressive) biceps covered in dirt? 7


Sexual tension, but no kiss? 6


Blatant product placements? 3


Physical violence? 8


Okay, so Nick Jonas only scored a 6.8 on our Disney-Miley scale, but he’s definitely crossed over into the dark side. We also call this the ‘fun side’.

Jonas is preparing to launch his debut solo album later this year and will feature a collaboration with Demi Lovato. Jonas is currently on tour with Lovato as her Musical Director. She would probably score an eight on this scale.

Check out Nick Jonas in Chains below.



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