Oct.9 / 2015

Nick Jonas Does His Best Drake In ‘Area Code’ Video

Nick Jonas is continuing to break out of his child star mold and is doing so by releasing sexy music with even sexier videos.

The former Jonas Brother’s member is continuing to show off his evolving sound with his latest single Area Code.

The description for the new video, a black and white solo performance by a sad Jonas in the rain, may sound like a 90s boy band clip, but Nick is able to pull off moody visuals without the boy band cheese.

Sounding and looking like he’s taking his musical and dancing cues from Drake (no complaints from us!), Jonas sings “Yeah, every time I have a drink or two/Get it bad for you/And I don’t know why I do it but I do/Yeah, all this liquor bringing out the truth”. Drizzy, is that you?

Jonas first debuted the song back in September on Soundcloud and invited artists to ‘put a verse on this’. We’re looking at you, Drake.

The video is directed by Black Coffee, who also shot Jonas’ co-label owner Demi Lovato’s black and white video for Stone Cold.

The new song is part of Nick Jonas’ re-released debut solo album, which also includs the radio friendly hit singles Jealous and Chains.