Jan.14 / 2015

Nickelback Share Their Best And Worst Music Video Moments

After twelve Junos, seven MMVAs, 20 years, and eight albums, Nickelback know what works. The internationally successful rock band have done what many, many, many artists have tried so often to do and fail - evolve without alienating their fans.

The band’s latest album, No Fixed Address, was released at the end of 2014 and features country, disco, rock, pop, and everything in-between. M3 host Gaby Henderson sat down with all four members, including Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair to discuss how the band has been able to achieve the balance between maintaining a fan base without stagnating their creative process.

Frontman Chad Kroeger credits the band’s longtime commitment to evolution in their sound as the reason behind their latest album’s success, saying “I don’t know if it’s got much to do with age as it has to do with eight albums under our belt.”

Henderson also talked to the Alberta natives about their history with music videos, a medium Nickelback know well, having released almost 40 music videos over their eight-album career. After all this time together the band agrees that shooting videos with attractive women is better than shooting videos outside in the middle of winter. Rock and roll, baby.

Watch our exclusive interview with Nickelback below and click here for the latest music videos from today’s biggest artists.