Oct.14 / 2014

No One Loves Taylor Swift’s ‘Out of the Woods’ More Than Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is super exited about Taylor Swift right now and we don’t blame her.

The former country/current pop star just released the second song from her upcoming fifth studio album 1989 with Out Of The Woods and it’s soooooo good. It’s-can’t stop playing on repeat #sorrynotsorry to our neighbors and we need to take a road trip with just this as a the playlist-good. You know?

Fans have been waiting for the new track since last week when Taylor posted a countdown picture on her Instagram page. The wait is over and well worth it, with Out Of The Woods already available for download on iTunes ahead of the October 24 release date of 1989.

We are super excited. Taylor Swift is super excited. How excited is she? Posting three days in advance-excited.

Getting down with nature-excited.

Loving her hiking boots-excited.

Counting down to midnight-excited.

Texting with producer Jack Antonoff-excited.

Nailing the number one spot-excited.

Get it T Swizzle.

Plus, check out this interview of Taylor Swift talking about her latest track. She’s so shmaht.


The Countdown