Jan.29 / 2015

Not Everyone Loved Lucy Hale’s Sexy Cosmo Cover

Pretty Little Liars actress and country singer Lucy Hale scored the cover of Cosmo Magazine this past September and couldn’t have been more thrilled. That is, until she received a text from her dad.

Unfortunately for Papa Hale, Cosmo and its daring headlines made it look like either a) Lucy was dishing on her ‘best sex ever’ or b) Having sex with Lucy is ‘the best ever’. Either way, it’s not something you want your dad to see.

Hale appeared on Conan this week and talked about the headline drama, saying she tried to explain to her dad that the headline was for a different article. Additionally, Lucy talked to the magazine about auditioning for 50 Shades of Grey, a role she lost to Dakota Johnson. Mr. Hale is probably pretty relieved about that one.

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