Jan.26 / 2016

One Direction Say Goodbye With Their Video For ‘History’


We may have a few months left until One Direction officially begin their hiatus in March, but judging by the band’s most recent videos, the foursome are already mentally on a beach somewhere sipping piña colada’s.

After releasing their Armageddon-inspired music video for Drag Me Down, complete with full astronaut suits and would look like really expensive pointy shoes, we hoped the four Brits were going out with a bang. It looks more like a ‘meh’.

The band followed Drag Me Down with their second single and music video for Perfect last year, using a hotel room they were likely already staying in as the only backdrop. Okay, we thought, they can’t all be winners. Maybe a busy touring schedule is getting in the way of a high budget music video?

Then One Direction dropped their new video for History today and we’re calling it: the hiatus has begun.

The video is comprised mostly of home footage shot over the past six years, pretty much the same stuff you’d see when buying concert DVD. We do get a few glimpses of One Direction: The 2016 Version, but even that performance is phoned in.

While Directioners were heartbroken last year when original member Zayn Malik announced his departure, it looks like the rest of the band are beginning to sympathize with his decision. The black and white tour footage includes numerous shots of Malik, possibly indicating that his former band members forgive his leaving.

Acting as the third single off Made In The A.M., History was penned by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson and produced John Ryan and Julian Bunetta. It’s a solid pop track that deserves better.

The video ends with the four remaining members walking off in different directions, a nod to a deeper reference of One Direction going their separate ways. Or it was the only way to end a boring music video.

It’s time for One Direction to take a break. They obviously need it.