Jul.22 / 2015

Paula Abdul And James Corden Are A Perfect Pair In Remake Of ‘Opposites Attract’

James Corden is coming for that late night crown. The British comedian is continuing to show there’s nothing he can’t do as host of The Late Late Show and that now includes keeping up with professional dancer Paula Abdul.

The two recreated Abdul’s famous Opposites Attract video with Corden, costume and all, playing the role of MC Skat Kat. To jog your memory, here’s the original video, which went on to win a Grammy. Let’s not forget this was the era of Roger Rabbit. Cartoons ruled!

Abdul, wearing a white jumpsuit that leaves little to the imagination, shows she’s still got the moves over 20 years after the original video was released in 1989. Bonus points to Corden for hitting all his marks while wearing what we assume must be a very sweaty costume.

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