Aug.5 / 2014

Pop Quiz: What Does Osheaga Mean?


This past weekend was the craziest weekend of the summer with tons to do. Half of the Much team made the Toronto exodus to Montreal to attend this year’s Osheaga Music Festival. But what the heck does Osheaga mean?

We got to talk to tons of bands backstage and almost all of them had a hard time coming up with the answer. From July Talk and Against Me! to Matt Mays and Chvrches, the bands struggled to come up with the right answer. Heck, at least Jack Antonoff gave it a good solid guess.

But only one person got it right and for good reason. As a native Montrealer, you would hope he would know! Check out the clip to find out the winner.

And stay tuned next year for, “What Does Lollapalooza mean?” Oozing lollipops?


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