Jan.1 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars 4.14: Who’s In The Box

Who else is a little confuddled by this week’s winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars? Don’t worry kids, we got you with our handy recap. It’s been while since we’ve seen the liars (um, do you remember their Hallowe’en special?) and we’re happy to see them. But you know who isn’t? That’s right. A.

The liars are still reeling from Allison finally revealing herself. She’s alive and well - and the liars don’t know how they feel about it. And yet at the same time A is now in overdrive - they have to save Alison or else.

Hanna has a theory that if Ali is alive then that means that there is an unknown body in Ali’s grave and maybe if they can find out who that is, they can figure out who A is. Another side-mission? To find out if Jason knows Ali is alive.

Mona is also surprised when she gets rebuffed from Hanna, resulting in some cray-cray cut eye.

Meanwhile Ezra tempts Aria into getting back together with him. watch out Aria, it’s a traaaaaappp!

Wait, hold that thought. Because Caleb just came in and guess what? He and Hanna have a lot of lost time to make up for.

Meanwhile Spencer and Toby try to expose the truth behind his mother’s death.

Mona talks up Mr. Fitz. Looks like she either is trying to prod the lion or she’s trying to communicate something…CAN WE TRUST MONA?

Then Ezra scoops Aria up into his lair I mean “romantic” cabin. Trap, trap, trappity, trap.

After some conversations that left Caleb being vague and Hanna without answers it looks like she’s going to lose him to Ravenswood (don’t worry though, that’s on right after PLL).


Haleb gets a goodbye that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

The next day the liars start to game plan when Hanna drops a bomb: the diary she stole from the room of secrets? It’s Ali’s journal and it’s full of the hatred she had for them.

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