Mar.25 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Announces Major Time Hop For Season 6

By now you’ve hopefully watched last night’s Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars. If not, what are you doing on the interwebz?! Spoilers are everywhere! Quick, click here to watch last night’s episode and see what everyone and their mother are tweeting about.

Now for everyone who did their homework and watched Welcome To The Dollhouse, let’s continue. E! News has confirmed this morning that Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars will feature a four-year time hop.

The first ten episodes of the season will show the Liars in their current high school timeframe (still stuck in the dollhouse or back to pretending to go to classes?) and then there will be a four-year time jump, bypassing the college years.

One Tree Hill employed the same tactic during Season 5, fast-forwarding four years after high school. It’s a great way to get around characters going to different colleges and finally catch up to their actual ages off-screen.

But what will this mean in Rosewood? Executive Producer I. Marlene King promises that questions will be answered in the first ten episodes of Season 6, a move that will hopefully quiet the concerns of many fans left unsatisfied with last night’s reveal, or lack thereof.

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