Jan.6 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Ep. 14: Through A Glass, Darkly

PLL 514

It’s been three months since Mona’s murder and although there still isn’t a body, there is a funeral. Everyone seems to have given up hope that Mona will suddenly show up alive after losing so much blood and going missing, but I’m not giving up just yet. It would be the perfect “I’m back, bitches” moment. Maybe we’ll keep that for a season finale.


Someone that has not gone missing is Alison. She decides that Mona’s funeral is a great time to tell Mrs. Vanderwaal that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter. In response, Mrs. Vanderwaal slaps Alison. Hard. Wow. So that’s where Mona got her ‘tude. Since Alison doesn’t do anything without a plan, I’m sure she knew she was going to get smacked and went on purpose. For what end? I don’t know. We’ll probably have to wait a few episodes for that as well.


From Mona’s literal funeral to Spencer’s figurative funeral, Mr. Hastings delivers the devastating news that Bethany Young’s family is pressing to get Spencer’s bail revoked. They’ve been working on it for a while and now it’s time for Spencer’s indictment.


Old documents have been unsealed and Tanner hands them over to Toby, knowing her new cadet has a special interest in the case. It appears that Mrs. DiLaurentis told police, specifically Detective Wilden, that she saw Spencer with a blond girl wearing Alison’s clothes the night Bethany was killed. Wilden buried the file, but it was found at Thanksgiving when Spencer was arrested. Toby quickly launches into his theories about Wilden working for someone and protecting Mrs. DiLaurentis and I can’t tell if Tanner is listening to him or humouring him.


Ezra appears to be temporarily giving up teaching and has bought The Brew from Aria’s scuzzy almost-stepfather Zack. It seems like Ezra is turning the place into a bookstore, but no one really explains this sudden career change. Guess he’s using that Fitzgerald money. Ezra noticed that Mike left Mona’s funeral quickly and suggests that Aria encourage Mike to help Ezra get the new store ready.


Mike and his muscles, which are getting bigger with each episode, agree to help Ezra. What he doesn’t agree to is Ezra drilling him on why he wasn’t crying at the funeral. Is Ezra trying to be supportive or figure out if Mike is guilty of something? And seriously, when did he buy a bookstore?


Aria gets rejected by yet another college and to make matters worse, runs into Alison as soon as she finishes reading her rejection letter. Alison asks Aria to believe her when she says that she didn’t kill Mona and Aria responds by literally blowing the whistle on Alison. Damn. Embarrassing and loud.


Not convinced that grades from classes we never see her study for weren’t high enough to get into college, Aria asks Caleb for help breaking into a college computer system. Aria wants to find out if she didn’t get accepted because of her marks or because of ‘A’.


Caleb lets Aria take home Mona’s encrypted computer to practice her hacking skills on, which seems a bit risky, and when Aria gets to the old Brew/new bookstore she’s attacked by ‘A’ and the computer is stolen. Hm. She is there to pick up Mike, who’s not there, and then Mona’s computer is stolen. Mona, who dated Mike. Mike, who has always seemed sketchy. Mona, who had secrets. So yeah, I think Mike might be ‘A’.


Hanna talks to Caleb about reaching out to Mrs. Grunwald and using her psychic powers to find Mona’s body, but Caleb is still upset Ravenswood was cancelled. I mean, Caleb doesn’t think it’s a good idea.


As usual, Hanna ignores Caleb and does it anyways. Mrs. Grunwald believes that Mona is no longer in Rosewood and that she’s buried somewhere cold and wet and is feeling scared. That’s comforting for someone to hear about their dead friend.


With Spencer’s bail on the verge of being revoked at any minute, the girls are getting desperate. Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason both told the police that Alison was with them when Mona died, but Spencer and Emily decide to take another run at Jason and hope that he’ll admit Alison left at some point during the day.


He says nothing, but the girls definitely got to him. Emily also got to Alison’s hair brush and convinces Spencer to sneak into Mona’s house so they can plant Alison’s hair in the Vanderwaal house. Desperate times call for framing. Thankfully, the girls find hidden cameras in the house and abandon the hair idea.


Hanna convinces Mrs. Vanderwaal to have the police sweep the house again for clues and this time they find the camera that shows Mona being attacked and killed by someone with blond hair dressed in black. How did the police miss this the first time? Is it possible the camera was removed and then placed back in the house? Tanner and Toby show the video to Jason who admits that the person attacking Mona could be Alison because she actually did leave when Mona was killed. A-HA!


Jason’s crack in Alison’s alibi, plus the video, plus the evidence the police already had are all enough to arrest Alison. Oh, the evidence they already had? Mona’s blood in Alison’s car. WTF ROSEWOOD POLICE? How is that not enough evidence to at least look into someone a little more?! Alison tries to make a run for it, but the girls are ready and waiting in her backyard to make sure Tanner gets the cuffs on their old friend. Before she’s hauled off, Alison tells the girls they made a big mistake and now she can’t protect them. Blah blah blah.


Emily makes it to the airport in time to say good bye to Paige. Even with Alison’s arrest, Paige still thinks her parents are right and that moving to California is safe and smart. No kidding. It’s nice to see at least two parents in this town remove their teenage daughter from an area with a high rate of mortality among teenagers. It’s a tearful end to Paily, but a big part of me is happy to see one less person get screwed over by ‘A’. Get out while you still can, Paige!


The girls are finally relaxing and enjoying knowing that Alison is behind bars when a sudden firework shower begins and spells out ‘A’.


Okay, so Alison is in jail and probably didn’t set the fireworks. There probably is another ‘A’. But that doesn’t mean Alison isn’t a dangerous sociopath. One down, more to go.


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