Jan.13 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Ep. 515: Fresh Meat

The streets of Rosewood are safe now that the murderous Alison DiLaurentis is locked up. Just kidding! ‘A’ is still out there terrorizing the incredibly attractive people of small town Pennsylvania. Officer Toby pays Alison a visit and sees that the young girl is covered in bruises. I don’t want to feel bad for her, but I feel bad for her. Alison urges Toby to get Spencer to lift the embargo on her and cautions him that without her help, the girls will either end up in jail as well or killed by ‘A’. Is there a third option?

Toby relays the message to the girls and no one is really sure what to do, although they all agree Alison is the worst. Fair enough. Still debating whether to tell Tanner about Alison’s relationship with Holbrook, Toby mentions that Holbrook conveniently left town to look after his sick father.

Aria should be paying attention, but she’s too distracted over her latest college rejection. The Brew Book, which is what I’m calling Ezra’s new bookstore in The Brew because no one has told us otherwise, is a day away from opening and Aria doesn’t want to upset him with her lack of scholastic acceptance. She does tell Emily, who offers to help her write a letter to Talmadge College, the one school that has her on their waitlist.

Ezra overhears Emily and Aria talking about college and informs Aria that his ex-girlfriend Jackie is the Admissions Advisor at Talmadge. To recap, Jackie hates Ezra AND Aria. So yeah, she’s not getting into that school. Aria decides to go for it anyways and writes a letter about the regret she feels over wasting her high school years being in a relationship with an older man. When Emily reads the letter and has the same shocked reaction as the rest of us, she urges Aria to find Jackie on campus and ask her to delete the letter.

Thinking Aria and Ezra must have broken up because who in their right mind would write such a mean letter about someone they love, Jackie admits Aria to the college. Yay? Jackie promises to not show Ezra the letter, but Aria later finds a paragraph oh her Anti-Ezra rant on a bookmark in Ezra’s new store. ‘A’ knows all.

Paige isn’t returning Emily’s emails and Emily is desperate to make enough money to buy a plane ticket to California and visit Paige during spring break. When Emily overhears Ezra mention that his caterer for The Book Brew opening has quit, Emily offers her services. This is how he feels about Emily’s offer.

Ezra agrees, but no surprise, Emily ‘no experience in the kitchen’ Fields is failing in her attempts to become a caterer overnight. Ezra makes a backup plan and hires a professional, who Emily acts like a straight up beotch towards. When the party starts and no one is eating Emily’s burned empanadas, the caterer lets Emily have a quick cry and then shows her how to improve her dish. I assume this woman is somehow related to ‘A’. I am suspicious of all new characters on PLL.

Toby and the rest of Rosewood’s finest have been ordered to do another sweep of the forest behind Mona’s house in hopes of finding a body. Instead, Toby spots a knife that he recognizes from his family’s cottage and panics, covering it with leaves.

He tells Spencer and Caleb about the knife and their first reaction is to burn the evidence. Toby, loving the new badge, thinks they should ‘do the right thing’ and turn the knife over to the police. That would work in a town that wasn’t completely staffed by crooked cops. Spencer tries to keep the peace by getting everyone to agree to do nothing, but Caleb breaks the oath by telling Hanna about the knife.

Because Hanna is a secret genius that got into every Ivy League school she applied to, she’s spending the weekend on a campus tour throwing ‘tude at the nice Freshman.

When she gets the call from Caleb about the knife, she bails on the tour and decides to step up her investigation. Hanna finds Holbrook’s father’s address online and pays the terrifying trailer park a visit. The old man says he hasn’t seen his son in weeks and mentions that he’s surprised to see Hanna and asks if she’s out on bail. So he thinks she’s Alison. So Holbrook and Alison were together. So we knew that. Booooo!

Hanna’s next stop is the Women’s Prison, where she pays Alison a visit in her cell. I’m pretty sure they don’t let you have visitors in your cell. Anyways, Alison says that on the day Mona went missing she received a message from Cyrus. She waited for him and he never showed and after she heard about Mona she realized she’d been set up by ‘A’. To recap, Cyrus is the guy who was arrested for kidnapping Alison, but was actually her sorta-boyfriend when she was ‘dead’ for two years.

Spencer and Caleb agree that a knife, which possibly has their fingerprints on it, sitting behind the house of a girl they knew who was killed is probably not the best thing. Caleb mentions to Spencer that ‘he can’t be arrested for murder again’. Say what? When Caleb was homeless and living in Allentown he made money by hacking for some guys who ran a credit card scam. One of the guys ended up dead and the second guy told the police Caleb did it. A nice detective realized Caleb was just in a bad situation and let him off the hook, but things won’t be that easy the second time. Caleb says that even Hanna doesn’t know about this part of his past. I’m sure ‘A’ will figure out a way to bring it back up.

Spencer and Caleb find the knife and decide to get rid of it by taking it to the art room at school and burning it in the giant oven. I wonder if ‘A’ will lock one of them in there? Hmmmm…could it happen? Yes, of course it happened. Spencer hears a mouse fart in the hallway and goes to investigate while Caleb is almost burned to death. She lets him out just in time. I love you PLL, but it’s getting a bit predictable.

Spencer goes to Ezra’s store opening and runs into Johnny Raymond, a guy that I think is working for Ezra, but that’s not really clear either. Nothing about this bookstore is clear. He tells Spencer something about her mother suing his grandmother over her hospital (Radley?) and that now he’s going to be renting the pool house in the Hastings backyard. We don’t get much more out Johnny, because Toby storms in, upset that Spencer and Caleb took the knife.

Toby went back to the woods to get the possible murder weapon to hand in to the police and when he saw that it was gone, freaked out. Spencer tries to explain, but Toby stops her, saying that because he’s a police officer he can’t keep her secrets. Um, didn’t he become a cop to help her with her secrets?

Hanna’s mom Ashley is still working at the real estate office Mrs. DiLaurentis owned and is helping Jason take over the family business. When she receives a collect call from Alison in jail, Jason refuses to speak with his sister and asks Ashley to cover for him.

The next day, Jason visits Ashley at home to drop off a few documents he needs help with. The two start talking about how terrible their lives are and how scary Rosewood is and then end up in bed together. You know, that old story.

Hanna comes home early and sees Jason tiptoeing out of her mother’s room. Well Hanna, that’s what happens when your mom is smoking hot. She dates the brother of your ex-best friend who is in jail and may be trying to help you or get you arrested. These things happen.

Our final shot of the night is Alison receiving a written note inside her orange jumpsuit that reads ‘Your friends will be joining you soon.’ She doesn’t look surprised to get the message and knew exactly where to look for the note, which makes me think she is working with ‘A’.