Jan.20 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Ep. 516: Over A Barrel

Alison is still in jail and the girls are sure that she’s getting help from the outside to continue tormenting them. Aria is still being haunted by ‘A’ for her Ezra-bashing letter to his ex-girlfriend. While waiting for Emily to refill her coffee at The Book Brew, Aria’s receipt prints out her letter. Hm. That was pretty creative.


Aria is ready to come clean to Ezra when he mentions a professor he introduced her to the night before at his party and offers to call the Prof and ask him for a recommendation for Aria to get into Vasser college. Acceptance to another college would temporarily fix Aria’s problem, but let’s be real – Ezra will find out about the letter eventually.


Emily is slowly coming to terms with Paige’s request from space. Apparently Rosewood to California isn’t enough space for Paige. Rather than cry about her girlfriend, Emily is taking out her pain on Talia, the new cook Ezra hired permanently after she catered his party.


Talia continues to press through Emily’s icy demeanor and eventually tries to break the ice with Emily by making Ezra’s bum the topic of conversation. I’m not sure if she’s interested in Ezra or trying to gauge whether or not Emily is gay. I think we can all agree that gay or straight, Ezra has a great butt.


Maybe it was Ezra’s backside or maybe it was Talia’s sorta-flirting, but Emily finally decides it’s time to say goodbye to Paige and sends back her CDs, goggles and ripped shirt. Paige still used CDs? See ya later.


After coming home early from her college weekend and seeing Jason leaving Ashley’s room, Hanna still hasn’t been able to talk to her mother about her sudden lapse in judgment. Actually, it’s not that sudden. This is the same woman who slept with Detective Wilden. RIP.


Hanna’s confrontation is interrupted by the sudden and convenient return of Pastor Ted from his mission in Peru. He is a good dude. Ted calls Hanna later and tells her that he wants to propose to Ashley know that he’s home and wants to make sure Hanna is okay with that. Ugh. He is a really good dude.


Hanna gives her blessing and tries to talk to her mom before the proposal, but Ashely quickly shuts her daughter down and tells her that who Ashley sleeps with is none of Hanna’s business, even if it is Jason DiLaurentis. Fair enough, but this makes for an awkward dinner when Ted proposes. He even put the ring in a giant peanut butter cookie! Sweet in every meaning of the word.


Ashley tells Ted that she needs time to think and then has a little cry on the stairs with Hanna. I don’t think this is going to end well for Ted. Let’s not forget that Jason is now Ashley’s boss. Awkward!


Aria is being sent on a wild goose chase all day with texts from ‘H’, first telling her to meet at the Grill. Aria goes, assuming the text is from Holbrook, but when he doesn’t show up and Jason does, she agrees to have lunch with him so they can talk about Alison. Jason doesn’t think his father will back down from protecting Alison and agrees with Aria that Alison must have someone in the police force helping her.


Aria’s next ‘H’ text sends her to a flower shop, where she picks up flowers and a note from Jason (probably ‘A’) to deliver to Ashley. Hanna intercepts the flowers before Aria gives them and the note to Ashley and then admits that she went to visit Alison in jail. Anyone else impressed that Hanna kept that a secret for an entire day? Well done Hanna.


Spencer and Toby are still in the new awkward ‘I keep doing illegal stuff and you’re a cop’ stage of their relationship. Toby tries to divert their conversation away from ‘A’ and suggests that Spencer open her acceptance letter from the University of Hawaii, but Spencer is too depressed to even think of college. Okay, but what about college in Hawaii?


Their conversation is interrupted by a visit from Spencer’s new neighbor Jonny. He’s the guy we met the night before at Ezra’s party and now he’s swinging by with his rent for the Hasting’s pool house, which is mostly change. He’s gonna be a fun tenant.
Jonny quickly begins going through Spencer’s garbage looking for paint supplies and Spencer learns that he studied art in Italy. Actually, he quit school and travelled around Europe on his own visiting museums, a trip that is sounding more and more appealing to the once scholastically-focused Spencer.


Their conversation is interrupted with Spencer gets a text from Mona, who as far as we know is still dead. All the girls get the same message and Spencer and Hanna meet up at Caleb’s apartment. The message is actually an alert that Mona set before she died to notify the girls when her laptop was used. She was a smart one, that Mona. Caleb manages to track the GPS signal from the alert to a storage locker and he and Spencer check it out.


On their way in, Spencer and Caleb run into Mrs. Horowitz, one of the teacher’s at Rosewood High. Caleb seems to get a bit spooked by the woman and pretends to go to the bathroom while Spencer talks to her and learns that a blonde girl often uses the storage locker and lately there’s been a terrible smell. Like a dead body?


The teacher leaves and Caleb and Spencer crawl through the vents into the locker containing Mona’s computer. The computer is there and so are bags of bloody clothing and a barrel surrounded by the chemicals needed to preserve a body.


So…Mona is in there? Caleb and Spencer leave without touching or taking anything and Caleb gets to work on tracking down the name of the person renting the storage locker.


And the name on the lease is…Hanna! Congrats Hanna! You’re ‘A’s latest lucky liar to be framed for murder!