Feb.18 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 20: Free Fall

Ezra finds Spencer asleep at his desk at school and he tries to talk to her about the ‘path she’s been going down’. For a second you forget that he’s not a caring teacher and is instead a pathological liar intent on destroying her life.

Spencer kinda gets dressed in the bathroom, although it’s mostly just made up of clothes from her gym locker. I get falling asleep at school, but why was she there in her bathrobe? Spencer wants the girls to tell Aria about Ezra now, but they think they should wait until after school.

Unfortunately, the girls listen to Spencer and Ezra gets to Aria first, feigning concern over Spencer and telling Aria that he thinks her friend is on drugs. Aria vehemently denies Ezra’s allegations at first, until Ezra pulls out Spencer’s school record, which we know he stole a few weeks ago.

Aria runs to Hanna and Emily to tell them what she saw in Spencer’s record, which shows that Spencer used drugs two years ago. They all decide to meet at Spencer’s that night and Spencer assumes they’re going to drop the Ezra bomb on Aria, but instead the girls drop a bomb on her.

Hanna accuses Spencer of using speed, and Spencer turns the tables and tells Aria that Ezra is ‘A’. I really don’t know why, but Emily and Hanna believe Aria, not Spencer, even though they’ve seen the evidence Spencer has collected. Spencer breaks down in tears and tries to make her friends understand, but when she drops her purse on the floor, Wren’s medical pad falls out, most likely because Ezra planted it.

Mike and Mona are on a date and it’s likely the most uncomfortable thing we’ve ever seen on PLL.

Ezra walks into the restaurant and Mona excuses herself to talk to him, telling him she can’t help him anymore because things are complicated. Ezra tells Mona things have always been complicated and she will help him whether or not she wants to. I get so confused when I feel bad for Mona.

Spencer apologizes to Hanna and Emily and gives them the rest of her pills and then shows them what she found in Ali’s diary. Spencer thinks ‘A’ is trying to cover up where he and Ali used to meet. Spencer wants to make Ezra think that they are meeting Alison at Ambrose’s Pavilion, a spot where she thinks he and Ali used to meet, to give Alison the money Shauna never gave her.

Hanna and Emily agree to the plan with Spencer and Spencer calls Toby to cancel their date the next night, lying about having dinner with her mom at the country club.

The girls stage a scene at the coffee shop where Emily pretends to take a call confirming that they’ll meet Alison that night at Ambrose’s Pavilion at the zoo. Spencer is ready to meet the girls, but she’s going through withdrawals. She calls her doctor and poses as her mother, but when the doctor’s office calls back, they get Spencer’s mother instead.

Their plan to meet ‘A’ at the zoo doesn’t pan out. Spencer arrives late and the girls mistake someone else in a blond wig as Spencer, who was supposed to be dressed up as a decoy. On their way out of the zoo, the girls see a discarded blonde wig. The next scene is Mona arriving late for her date with Mike, of course leading us to assume the girl at the zoo was Mona.

Spencer comes home to find Toby and her mother waiting for her.

Mrs. Hastings is distraught that Spencer is doing it again. So, the pages in Spencer’s record about her using speed years ago weren’t forged?!?! In that case, was Wren’s medical pad really stolen by Spencer or planted by ‘A’?!

Aria tells Ezra about Spencer’s reaction to their intervention and Ezra suggests that Aria tells Spencer’s parents since Spencer won’t agree to get help. Aria agrees with him and is ready to call Spencer’s parents, until Ezra brings up details that led to Spencer being admitted to Radley, details he couldn’t possibly know.

Beginning to doubt her boyfriend, Aria goes to Ezra’s cottage and manages to crack his password and let herself in. She finds the secret door to the basement, but Ezra has already removed his lair.

Aria is ready to give up, until she finds a novel Ezra’s been working on all about Alison. Ezra shows up at the cottage after getting a notice that someone had breached the security system and Aria makes it out of the house, but without her keys.

Aria begins running through the woods and Ezra calls after her. She makes it to a chair lift and is almost home free when Ezra sees her and jumps on. Ezra admits that he knew Alison and began writing a crime novel about her after she went missing. He says that he knew who Aria was the day they met in the bar and initially began seeing her as a way to learn more about Alison, but eventually fell in love with her. Thankfully, Aria doesn’t believe him and the two begin to fight over the pages of his novel, which eventually fall on the ground below the chairlift. Someone, Aria manages to get off the chairlift and make it home alive, though in shock. I don’t know how she got away from Ezra, but I do know that Ezria will never be the same.