Feb.25 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 21: She’s Come Undone

Aria’s world has been rocked by Ezra’s revelation (watch last week’s Pretty Little Liars here) and tells the girls about Ezra’s prior relationship with Alison, but she still doesn’t think he’s Board Shorts and is defending him. She doesn’t think he’s A, but Aria can’t deny that Ezra was wrong to watch her all these years and not help her when she was in danger. I think she’s going to move to the anger stage quite quickly.

Aria is having flashbacks to her first time meeting Ezra and becomes so upset that she throws up. Or this is a hint that she’s pregnant. That would be a twist!

The Hastings want to send Spencer to rehab before her addiction to pills gets any worse. Spencer asks her parents for one more chance to get off the pills on her own and they agree, as long as she takes the withdrawal medication under their supervision and only leaves the house to go to school. Of course, this is the Hastings and they do zero to enforce this or watch their teenage daughter.

Spencer brings apologetic cronuts to Toby’s apartment and wears the super cute necklace he bought her, promising to tell him if she gets the urge to take drugs again. But when she finds drugs in her locker later that day from ‘A’, she takes them instead of handing them over to Emily, because that’s what addicts do. Someone please inform her parents of this behavior.

Hanna tries apologizing to Travis for not calling him after she kissed him, but he doesn’t have much time to talk. Wilden was blackmailing his dad before he died and now Travis is going to court to talk to the police about the case.
Hanna goes to see Officer Holbrook to find out whether she can help Travis’ dad after Travis cleared her mom’s name in Wilden’s murder.

It turns out that Travis father is guilty of giving Wilden money for throwing business his way, but Holbrook takes Hanna’s reminder about Wilden being a crooked cop to heart and speaks up for Travis dad in court, helping him avoid jail time.

Hanna runs into Officer Holbrook later and thanks him for helping Travis dad and proceeds to kiss him. Who hasn’t she kissed lately? Oh wait, Caleb. RIP HALEB.

Shauna is hiding out in Georgia and calls Emily, asking her to drop Alison’s money off in a P.O. Box an hour outside of Rosewood. Of course, Emily can’t wait to help Alison, the person who gets people involved in her life and sends them into hiding in Georgia. Spencer is trying to talk Emily out of going when they see Aria run by them, not in heels. This is bad. Aria not in heels at school? She’s lost it. Aria wants to confront Ezra, but he’s taken a leave from work for a ‘family emergency’. He’s totally ‘A’, right?

Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to find him, and instead find his research. He has surveillance pictures of Aria from before Alison died and files on everyone she knows. He even has Mrs. Grunwald’s recording of Alison. Dang, he’s good. Aria begins reading through pages and pages of notes that Ezra has on her and her friends and finally snaps, flying into a rage and breaking everything in his apartment.

Totally warranted. When the girls realize that no one has heard from Aria, they got to Ezra’s apartment and find her there amidst the rubble. Hanna and Emily want to get Aria home as soon as possible, but Spencer wants to collect all the data Ezra has gathered and has to sneak some into her bag on the way out. She may be the one on drugs, but she’s also the only one who realizes this information could help and could also make them look guilty.

Spencer is trying to detox while going through Ezra’s evidence, two things that aren’t coinciding very well. She gives in and takes some of the pills ‘A’ left in her locker. Spencer gets through more of the evidence and finds out that Cece saw her and Alison fight the night Alison disappeared, a fight that included Spencer going after Alison with a shovel.

The note Ezra wrote also includes that Mrs. DiLaurentis paid Cece off to not speak about seeing the fight, which she herself also witnessed. Spencer confronts her father and demands to know if he had actually hired a Private Investigator to follow her, not Melissa, thinking that she killed Alison. Spencer was taking drugs back then and the night Alison went missing is foggy still for her.

Toby comes over to take Spencer for a walk, but she shakes him and heads to the DiLaurentis house. She demands Mrs. DiLaurentis tell her what happened that night, but Alison’s mother pretends to not know what Spencer is talking about. When Spencer gets home, her parents and Toby are waiting and she knows it’s time to get help.

Paige tries to get Emily to agree to a date that night, but Emily is acting cagey and accidentally lets Paige see the huge wad of cash she’s carrying around for Alison.

Knowing she was lying, Paige follows Emily to the post office and catches her trying to mail the money to Alison, forcing Emily to finally reveal that Alison is alive. Paige quickly becomes the voice of reason, pointing out that if ‘A’ knows that Alison is alive and Emily is helping her, Emily is making herself a target. Oh, and Alison was awful to all of them and is only apologizing now so they will help her. Thank you, Paige! Finally! Paige wants to tell Alison’s family, but Emily tells her that if she does that, she won’t forgive her. Paige agrees, as long as Emily promises to cut all ties with Alison. Emily promises, but also becomes cold to Paige aka the voice of sanity.

Paige decides she’s going to keep Emily safe even if Emily won’t keep herself safe and drops a note in a Rosewood police car saying that Alison DiLaurentis is alive and to start looking at the PO box Emily sent the money to. I’d say good move, but we know how the Rosewood police force has turned out so far. I’m still holding my breath with Holbrook. I’ve been taken in by too many cute cops in this town!

Aria is burning Ezra’s journal page by page when she finds a letter from a publisher. He’s submitted his story about Alison and the girls, so Aria calls the agency to find out the release date. Instead, she finds out that Ezra is at the office right now discussing the book, not burning the book as he promised.

Hanna drives past Aria and sees her heading for their principal’s house. Aria is ready to take Ezra down and tell their principal all about the illegal relationship, but Hanna manages to talk her out of it for now. While he totally deserves jail time, I don’t trust that Ezra won’t take all the girls down with him. Enraged and feeling helpless, Aria packs and bag and leaves town, something they all should have done two years ago, tbh.

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