Mar.4 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 22: Cover For Me

The good news is that Spencer’s back from her three day stint in rehab, where she was able to detox and get clean. The bad news is that Spencer’s newfound sobriety is bringing back memories from the night Ali went missing, memories that had been subdued in Spencer’s mind until now.

The Hastings are finally take Spencer’s drug problem seriously and have hired Dean, a drug counsellor to move in with them and keep watch over Spencer. She’s not allowed at school, she can’t see her friends or use any electronics. On the plus side, Dean is super cute.

Unfortunately, Dean is only watching Spencer and not everyone around her. When Spencer gets into bed that night, she finds it full of dirt with a terrifying note from ‘A’.

Mrs. DiLaurentis comes by the next day to invite Spencer’s mother to a charity bridal show. When Mrs. Hastings leaves the room to write a cheque for the event, Spencer apologizes for her actions earlier when she grabbed Mrs. DiLaurentis. She is forgiven, but before she leaves, Mrs. DiLaurentis makes a cryptic comment about Spencer’s sheets.

Spencer is out for a run the next day with Dean when she has another flashback. It’s still the night Ali went missing, but in this part of the memory Spencer is chasing Alison through the woods and finally catches her. When Alison trips over a branch, Spencer hits her with a shovel.

After taking off at the end of last week’s episode in hopes of forgetting about Ezra, Aria is doing her best to get rid of all brain cells.

She’s in Syracuse with her father (at least she says she is – we never actually see him) under the guise of checking out the college, when really she’s just spending the whole time drinking and having sex with a cute blond in hopes of forgetting Ezra.

The sex and drinking don’t quite do the trick, but Aria does realize that she shouldn’t be the one on the run. Aria goes home to Rosewood and finds Ezra trying to put his apartment back together. He tells her that he was in New York to return the advance he received on his book, but it’s still not enough to make Aria forgive him (thank gawd). Aria sticks to her guns and tells Ezra he needs to leaves Rosewood for good, but before she turns her back on him for good, he gives her a copy of his manuscript.

After an awkward kiss, Hanna sees Officer Holbrook at the coffee shop and he shows her the letter from Paige, thinking it was Hanna’s doing.

Hanna tells him she’s never seen it and doesn’t think it’s true, but later that week she sees him again, this time with Detective Tanner and is questioned for a second time about the note.

Emily is working at the coffee shop when Mike storms in and demands to know where Aria is so that he can scream at her. Mona broke up with Mike that morning and he thinks it’s his sister’s fault.

Emily goes to see Mona in an attempt to get some answers. Mona says that she began helping Fitz after she bought Jenna’s car and found out about his book (not sure how the two are related). They made a deal. Ezra would leave out things Mona did that were illegal as long as she gave him insider information on Alison’s story. Mona hasn’t seen the whole book and she also thinks that Alison is dead. Mona initially began dating Mike to spy on Aria for Ezra, but when she developed feelings for Mike and told Ezra she didn’t want to help him anymore, he wouldn’t let her go. Instead, she broke up with Mike in hopes of keeping him safe from Ezra and her mess.

Aria calls an SOS while reading the manuscript, forcing Hanna to leave her date early with Travis and interrupting Spencer reading a letter Toby sent her from London. The girls meet at Emily’s house and Aria tells them that she read Ezra’s book and learned that he thinks Mrs. DiLaurentis is ‘A’.

Emily thinks is theory is way off, but after the comment about her sheets, Spencer believes that Alison’s mother could be behind their misery.

Hanna is trying to focus on Aria’s book report, but when she spots a letter that Paige left Emily, she recognizes Paige’s handwriting from the anonymous note left in Officer Holbrook’s car and tells Emily. I’d say that relationship is ovah.

Spencer goes home that night and is confronted by her mother for sneaking out. She goes straight to her bedroom and turns out the lights when Mrs. DiLaurentis creeps in behind her. Spencer’s mother walks in to check on her daughter, forcing Mrs. DiLaurentis to slink away undetected. Also, this was terrifying.