Mar.11 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 23: Unbridled

The girls are discussing their next move at their favourite restaurant when Emily gets frustrated with the conversation and demands Spencer drive her home. On their way out, the girls spot Jason getting into a convertible. They yell to get his attention, but he ignores them and takes off. Emily and Spencer jump in Spencer’s car, but it won’t start, possibly Ezra’s handiwork again with the computer in the car’s motor.

Spencer finds a piece of paper sticking out of the ignition and finds a roll of photo booth pictures. It’s a blond woman over and over again, but her face has been blacked out and the final picture tells Spencer what she’s been dreading ever since she remembered the night she went after Alison with a shovel.

Aria gets a call from Ella, who is worried about the bill from Aria’s week in the hotel, which shows her teenage daughter going on a bender. All is forgiven when Ella knocks on Aria’s door, surprising her with a trip home from Europe.

Ella and Aria are catching up when Ella gets a call from Zack back in Vienna. Aria becomes furious with her mother, telling her that she was gone too long and should have stayed in the US with her kids, even though it was her idea to go with Zack. Ella thinks that Aria is taking out her anger over her break up with Ezra on Ella, but Aria refuses to talk to her mother about Mr. Fitz, who has finally resigned from Rosewood High.

Paige is back from her family vacation in Maine, because everyone in Rosewood takes vacations during the middle of the school year, and Emily is livid with her girlfriend over going to the police with information about Alison. Emily thinks that Paige is out for revenge, but Paige is adamant that she’s just trying to keep Emily safe.

Later that day, Emily sees Jason near the school and runs after him. He’s protecting his mother, who has a history of thinking that Spencer has been after Alison for years, and won’t tell Emily anything about where he’s been or why he’s home.

Ashley is still working for Mrs. DiLaurentis and is helping out with the bridal charity event. Ashley is at Mrs. DiLaurentis’ house getting ready for the event and goes upstairs to look for place settings. Instead, she finds a bag full of clothes for a teenage girl that Mrs. DiLaurentis bought the day before, seemingly odd behavior for someone whose daughter is dead.

Downstairs, Mrs. DiLaurentis is getting an update from Officer Holbrook. They are going through Alison’s case again after getting Paige’s anonymous tip and found conflicting evidence. In the family photos Mrs. D provided the police when Alison went missing, Ali is photographed with a broken arm as a child. The coroner didn’t find a fracture during Alison’s autopsy, leading Holbrook to get a judge’s order to exhume Alison’s body to confirm it’s her, news that Mrs. DiLaurentis makes no secret about being upset about.

Dean finds Spencer up late and she lets him in a little, telling him that she has memory holes from the summer her friend went missing and her parents won’t fill in the gap. Dean begins reading a story to Spencer and the two fall asleep together on the couch. Veronica Hastings comes home and finds them in a compromising position and quickly fires Dean.

Spencer is upset and tries to defend Dean, but Mrs. Hastings won’t hear it. Spencer tells her mother that at least Dean will tell her things, unlike the Hastings. Mrs. Hastings finally shares some information about summer Alison went missing, but it’s confusing. What I do gather is that Spencer was on a lot of drugs and was fighting with Melissa and Alison came across Mrs. Hastings cleaning up after one of the fights and went missing a few days later.

The girls regroup at the coffee shop the next day and Hanna tells them about her mom finding clothes for Alison at the DiLaurentis house. Thinking this means that Mrs. DiLaurentis knows Alison is alive (and not that she’s a grieving mother), Hanna signs them all up to help in the bridal charity event to get closer to Mrs. DiLaurentis.

The girls are getting ready for the bridal show and Spencer runs into Jason and tries to get information from him. Dean interrupts the two to say good bye and Spencer tells Dean that Jason is the guy she was trying to talk to earlier this week and that he’s been at Clark Centre Rehab. Dean is surprised by that, since that rehab has been closed for two years. Seems like a big oversight for Jason’s lie.

Ella tries again to talk with Aria and this time gets through to her daughter and finally gets the chance to tell Aria that she and Zack are engaged. Go Ella!

Spencer tells the girls her news and they split up, hoping to use the bridal show as a chance to look for clues in the DiLaurentis house. Spencer walks into the backyard and spots Mrs. DiLauretis handing a suitcase to someone. Since this is Spencer, she shrugs off calling for back up and takes off after the dark figure. After running through the woods in the dark, Spencer’s veil gets caught on a bear trap, which gives her enough of a scare to run back to the house.

Hanna gets sidetracked on her mission. I guess Travis has forgiven her for their terrible first date.

Eventually, she makes it to Alison’s bedroom and she and Emily and Aria find clues that help them break into the email that Alison had written on the money she asked Emily to get her. They send Alison an email and she calls back, telling the girls to meet her right away in Philadelphia and not let her mother know anything.

Spencer makes it back to the DiLaurentis house and the girls find her in tears. When they help her remove her wedding dress they find finger bones in the corset and another note. Terrifying!

The girls are packing up to head to Philidelphia and Paige shows up at Emily’s house to try to apologize again for going to the police. Emily forgives Paige, but also breaks up with her. Bit of a coincidence that Emily does this right before seeing Alison, right?

The girls head to the warehouse Alison directed them too, but instead of finding Alison, they find…someone we won’t see until next week’s finale. UGH PLL!!!

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