Mar.18 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 24: A is for Answers

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, it was Noel Kahn, not Ali, who met the girls at the warehouse. They agree to go with him to an apartment and were right to do so. Alison shows up and after four freaking seasons is finally ready to talk to the girls. First, she needs a hugs from all her friends.

Well, except for Spencer, who is still terrified that she was the one who hurt Ali. Next, Alison needs their help now that the cops know it’s not her body in the grave. She needs to figure out who ‘A’ is before she can go home and if they can’t figure out ‘A’s identity tonight then she has to disappear again, this time for good. Dun dun duuuuuuun! Let’s go season finale!

Office Holbrook received a tip about Cece Drake and pulled her in for questioning on Wilden’s death. He’s ready to charge her with murder, but Cece has a bargaining chip. She knows who killed the girl in Alison DiLaurentis grave. It’s the same person that tried to hurt her friend Alison.

Holbrook takes a break from questioning Cece and has obtained a search warrant for the Hastings house. Mrs. Hastings wants him looking for the missing girls, but he wants to look for evidence proving they know where Alison has been hiding.

He was sent a photo of the girls talking to Alison after their night in Rosewood and is determined to find Alison. He’s really getting a lot of help from strangers. Before Mrs. Hastings can ask any more questions, Melissa makes her grand return from London.

Holbrook has all three not-missing Hastings at the police station in separate questioning rooms, although Mrs. and Mr. Hastings don’t realize the other is there as well. Melissa explains to the police that she ran into Toby in London, who said Spencer had relapsed, and decided to make a surprise visit home. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings quickly realize that the police think Spencer had something to do with the night Alison went missing and begin to panic. Mr. Hastings sees Mrs. DiLaurentis at the police station and asks if they still have a deal, but she tells him she’s busy worrying about her daughter, then gives Cece a glance. So, they’re working together? Mr. Hastings is distraught that all he’s done to protect Spencer hasn’t been enough, when Melissa leans over to her father and tells him that Spencer ‘didn’t kill that girl’ and then whispers something to him.

Officer Holbrook has tracked the GPS on Spencer’s phone, but when Noel picked them up at the warehouse, he made the girls leave their phones there before taking them to the bar where Alison works and lives. Alison starts at the beginning in hopes her friend can help her. The weekend she lied about being at her grandmother’s house before disappearing was actually spent in Hilton Head with Ian, where they had a video camera set up in the bedroom. Ummmmmm scuse me? Melissa showed up to the hotel and demanded that Ian never see Alison again. While the couple were fighting, Alison stole videos of everyone in Rosewood from Ian’s computer and used them to try to figure out who ‘A’ really was. First, she showed Jenna the tape of Jenna and Toby together, but when she got a text from ‘A’ right after, she knew Jenna wasn’t ‘A’.

The night Alison went missing was her big chance to uncover ‘A’. It started out with her being grounded by her mother. She didn’t want Alison anywhere near Spencer or any other Hastings. As usual, Alison did what she wanted and snuck out, stealing some of her mother’s sleeping aids on the way.

She drugged all four girl’s drinks, which explains why they all slept through her sneaking out of the barn in the middle of the night and meeting…Toby. Alison figured that if the girls were sleeping and she got another text from ‘A’ she could cross them all off the list. That night Toby thanked Alison for getting him sent to Juvenile Hall and away from Jenna, which convinced her to cross Toby off her list of ‘A’ suspects as well.

On her way to the kissing rock to meet Ian, Alison saw Ezra waiting for her. They had initially met in a pub near Hollis and she lied about being roommates with Cece in college.

It seems that things didn’t go very far physically, and that night Ezra met Alison because he was angry after finding out that she was still in high school and he promised he would never see her again.

Alison headed to the kissing rock next, where she told Ian that he would be going to jail after she showed everyone his home movies. She was bluffing, but she was shocked by how mad he became before storming off. People usually get mad when you threaten them with jail time.

Alison went back to the barn and found a very wide-awake Spencer waiting for her. The two girls fought and when Spencer dropped her pill bottle, Alison realized that her friend had been taking drugs, explain why the sleeping aid didn’t work. She promised to not tell anyone about Spencer’s addiction and sent Spencer back to the barn. What’s really important here is that it wasn’t Spencer who hurt Alison. WHEW.

The last person Alison had to check was Aria’s father Byron. Alison was pretty sure that he wasn’t the man behind ‘A’, but Alison still wanted him to know that she could blackmail him if she needed to.

She went back to the barn and found all her friends asleep and when no new texts arrived, she walked home. Standing on her front lawn, Alison saw her mother watching her from the front window and that’s when it happened. Someone hit Alison in the head with a rock! Thinking her daughter was dead, it was Mrs. DiLaurentis that Alison saw standing over her, burying her still-alive daughter.

Alison tells the girls that her mother really did think she was dead and kept asking someone how they could have done this, but Alison didn’t see who it was. She confirmed that it was Mrs. Grunwald who pulled her from the grave and when they got to the hospital, a scared Alison took off. Alison began walking down a deserted street when Mona drove by and ‘rescued her’.

She took her to the Lost Woods motel and registered under the name Vivian Darkbloom as requested by Alison. What Ali didn’t know was that Mona’s lair, showing how obsessed she was with her tormentor, was in the next room.

It was Mona’s idea for Alison to pretend to be dead and disappear, convincing Alison that her plan would be the only way to keep ‘A’ from coming after her. Mona got Alison clothes and a car and sent her on her way, ecstatic to never see Alison again.

Alison has been on the run ever since. She knows that Ezra is still looking for her, hoping that if he can help bring Alison home then Aria will forgive him. She also knows that whoever her mother saw hit her that night is still being protected by Mrs. DiLaurentis and Ali can’t go back to Rosewood until she finds out ‘A’s identity. Alison has also been working overtime to keep her friend’s safe. It was Alison who pushed Ian off the bell tower when he tried to kill Spencer and it was Alison who pulled Hanna from the house fire, although she didn’t see who pulled the other girls. And we don’t know how or why she’s being helped by Noel Kahn. The girls tell Alison they will support her and help her, but their pep talk is interrupted by a masked ‘A’ throwing a brick through the plate glass window in front of the bar.

Oh, and this time ‘A’ has a gun and is shooting. The girls take off and make it to the roof, where they’re trapped. Ezra runs out the door behind them with ‘A’ emerging out of a second door. Ezra yells at ‘A’ to stop, saying he knows who they are, but ‘A’ takes this as a cue to shoot at Ezra instead of admitting defeat. Ezra charges ‘A’ and the two fight. When ‘A’s gun slides away, Hanna grabs it and points it at ‘A’, demanding they take off their mask. Instead, ‘A’ makes the leap to the next building and is gone once more.

Aria sees Ezra looking up at the stars before he collapses. Ezra caught a stray bullet from ‘A’s gun in the stomach and is losing blood fast. Aria screams at him to stay with her, but Ezra’s eyes shut. For good?

The final scene ends with Mrs. DiLaurentis being buried, possibly alive, possibly not, by ‘A’ in the same manner she buried her daughter. I don’t know why Alison would ever come back to Rosewood. This town is cursed!

Here’s what we know:
- Ezra has been shot, but Caleb also took a bullet in the stomach and lived to fight ghosts in Ravenswood. Ezra made a crucial mistake by announcing he knew ‘A’s identity right before being shot. He’s probably dead. I’m probably gonna have a little cry.
- There are many people who are suspects. Essentially, everyone but the people Alison has ruled out. We should probably rule out her mother as well, although she was definitely protecting ‘A’. Who would Mrs. DiLaurentis protect? Her son Jason, Cece Drake (close family friend) and possibly Melissa Hastings. Mrs. DiLaurentis hated the Hastings, but she did have an affair with Mr. Hastings, which produced Jason, and she could be protecting Melissa, who we know hated Alison, because of her relationship with Melissa’s father.
- Finally, with Ezra being shot, the girls will have to start telling the police and their parents what has been going on. The PLL writers have said in interviews that Alison will be back in Rosewood in Season 5, which could mean we will finally find out who has been in her grave.
- Wait, one more thing. I think we have finally come to the conclusion, based on their body make-up it the black hoody, that ‘A’ is most likely a man…who is not Ezra, because he got shot. Noooooo Ezra!

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, June 10 at 8E/5P on M3.