Oct.23 / 2013

Pretty Little Liars Recap 413: Grave New World

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special picks up where the summer finale left off. The girls are heading to a costume party in Ravenswood after finding a flyer for it in ‘A’ aka Ezra’s lair. Hoping to see Alison there, the girls get more than they bargained for during a night spent in the Ravenswood cemetery.

At the party the girls see someone dressed in the same soldier’s costume they find in ‘A’s lair. It’s not A, but instead someone named Luke, who is there with his cousin Lea. The two are going to be regulars on Ravenswood, but this is all we will see of them for now.

Caleb is on the bus heading to Ravenswood and the only other rider is an old man watching him. Caleb falls asleep and wakes up to find a girl his age next to him. The guy at the back of the bus was creeping her out, so she decided to stick with a group and stay near Caleb.

Her name is Miranda and she is on her way to see her uncle that she didn’t know about until two weeks ago. Like Caleb, Miranda has spent her life in foster care, but unlike Caleb, her parents are both dead.

The two form a quick bond over their similar past, but part ways when they get to Ravenswood with Miranda heading to her uncle’s house and Caleb hoping to find Hanna, who hasn’t been answering her cell phone.

The girls are looking around the graveyard when they find a secret passageway and follow it.

After a strange windstorm underground, Hanna is separated and wanders through underground crypt until she manages to find a door leading into an old mansion.

Hanna thinks she’s alone in the house, but we see Ezra in the soldier’s uniform and gas mask following behind her. Unable to get cell service, Hanna tries her luck in an old phone booth in the house, but the phone doesn’t work and someone locks her inside the booth.

Hanna sees Alison peering into the phone booth only to be grabbed and pulled away by the gas mask. Hanna begins to panic when Miranda comes to her rescue.

The old house belongs to Miranda’s uncle, but he doesn’t seem to be home. The two girls begin looking for Alison and Spencer, Aria and Emily, but instead find a room full of coffins.

Miranda has a flashback to her parent’s funeral, which took place in the house, and doesn’t understand why her long lost uncle hasn’t take care of her all these years.

Hanna and Miranda finally get through the maze of hallways and free themselves from the house and find Caleb in the cemetery. Hanna tries to show Miranda and Caleb the secret entrance to the underground crypt, but Miranda is distracted. First she found a picture in the house of the man from the bus and now she’s found a tombstone with her name…and her picture.

Back in the crypt, the girls are desperate to find Hanna and eventually discover the same door Hanna used to get into the house. Once inside, they hear Alison scream and follow the voice, only to lose Spencer in the hallway.

Spencer follows Alison’s voice into a greenhouse built into the mansion and is attacked by Ezra, in his soldier uniform, who knocks her unconscious. Emily and Aria find Spencer after Ezra has made his escape and they try following Alison’s screams again.

This time the girls find a record player that has been the source of Alison’s screams.

Then Mrs. Grunwald finds them. She’s the caretaker of the house and the recording was one of her sessions with Alison and it was stolen six months ago. Her gift is feeling. I’m not really sure what that means, but her latest feeling is that one of the girls has been touched by the one Alison fears the most. Spencer thinks it’s her, but I’m guessing it’s Aria that Mrs. Grunwald is getting ‘the feeling’ about because we know Ezra has been copping four seasons worth of feels.

Hanna invites Miranda back to Rosewood with them, but she wants to stay and find her uncle. Worried about the young girl being all alone in Creepyville, Hanna asks Caleb to stay in Ravenswood and help Miranda find her family. Doesn’t she think he may want to come home and, I don’t know, go to school and have a life in a non-terrifying town? Caleb agrees to stay and after Hanna leaves, Miranda finds another concerning tombstone. This time it’s Caleb’s name and face on the marker.

Spencer’s car has a flat tire, but not so coincidentally, Ezra shows up claiming he was worried about Aria and takes them back to Rosewood. Ezra drops the girls off and just as he pulls away they see red coat running in the woods and run after her. They FINALLY catch her and she FINALLY turns around. It is Alison! Ya turn around!

She tells her best friends that she doesn’t have much time and wants to come home, but it’s not safe for her. Alison tells Hanna to remember what she told her at the hospital and disappears before Ezra appears, looking for Aria because she forgot her cell phone.

Here’s a refresher of what Alison said in the hospital back in Season 1.

New episodes of Pretty Little Liars premiere on M3 this January.