Jan.21 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 414: Close Encounters

The girls finally make it to the deserted Busy Bee Inn and find what looks like a room where Ali has been squatting. There’s a flowered shirt, so you know, it’s gotta be her. The window is broken, indicating a struggle, and when the door closes the girls see a message from A.

Emily is terrified that Alison is in trouble, but Hanna thinks the Inn looked a little too staged and that maybe this is A’s doing. Hanna is legit on fire this season.

Spencer is still staying at Toby’s apartment after fighting with her dad and adds another reason for family discord when her dad shows up to talk to Toby and finds his half naked teenage daughter there. Mr. Hastings does finally drop some truth and tells Spencer that Jason was arrested after getting into a drunken fight. Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis are working on getting him into rehab and Mr. Hastings is keeping this from his wife, knowing it would upset her. I’d like to think that’s a good reason for Mr. Hastings seeing Mrs. DiLaurentis, but who knows with these people.

Mr. Hastings tells Toby that Radley wants to offer his family a settlement in return for silence about the cover up of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s death. In return for the money, there’s a gag order keeping Toby from ever discussing the settlement or telling people that his mother’s death was an accident, not a suicide. Spencer thinks something is fishy about the whole deal and goes through her father’s briefcase. She finds the paperwork from Radley and sees that Jessica DiLaurentis is on the board there. She begs Toby to not sign and instead try to figure out if Mr. Hastings is covering for Mrs. DiLaurentis, but Toby stops her. He signs the settlement and is happy finally knowing that his mother didn’t kill herself.

Hanna is dealing with her break up depression in the worst way possible, which is throwing out all her clothes. She decides to get even more destructive and zero in on Travis. When he shows up to collect an umbrella that he loaned Hanna the night before, because you know how hard those are to replace, she invites him to play pool for about five hours until she works up the nerve to play tonsil pool with him.

Ashley comes home and interrupts the ill advised make out and decides to take her daughter to a place where you pay to throw plates. Seriously, this is an actual place? The exercise helps Hanna get out some of her anger over the break up and allows her the clear head she needs to leave Caleb a good bye voicemail that makes me wanna cry. HALEB!

Jake is back in town and Aria decides that she’s going to be team Ezria for good. She goes to Jake’s gym and breaks things off with him and essentially breaks his heart. I’m mean, Aria’s awesome, but they dated for a minute.

Anywho, Jake leaves the gym and sees Ezra screaming at a blond woman in a black car. When Aria returns to the gym later that day to thank Jake for a gift he sent her before she broke up with him, Jake tells Aria about Ezra and says that he looked dangerous.

Aria brings up Jake’s concerns to Ezra later that night, since he claimed he was in Philly all day. Ezra says that the woman was Maggie’s lawyer. He wants to see Malcolm and Maggie is blocking him. Well played, Ezra. Well played. Aria buys the bull, but unfortunately for Jake, he gets a foot full of needles that night when he gives his favourite punching bag a high kick. Mr. Fitz is terrifying.

Emily is in church dropping off baked goods when Shauna creeps up on her to tell her she has a message – from Alison! Dun dun duuuuuun. Shauna says that Alison wants the girls to stop looking for her. Shauna tells Emily she grew up next to Alison’s grandmother and moved to Rosewood to help Alison find out who tried to kill her. Jenna was on that list, so Shauna got close to her. So Shauna is also terrifying.

Emily tells the girls about Shauna’s revelation and everyone has their theories. The leading one is that Shauna is still working for ‘A’ and this is a ploy to stop the girls from helping Alison, but Emily isn’t convinced.
Emily meets with Shauna again and Shauna knows about conversations that were only between Emily and Alison. She also tells Emily that Alison loves her the best and wants to meet her that night as long as Emily doesn’t tell anyone.

Thankfully, Emily does tell Spencer, since nothing ever goes smoothly for these girls. Spencer wants to go with Emily, but Emily won’t let her, probably because Spencer would make a comment about Emily actually wearing a skirt and heels to see Alison. Seriously, this is the first time we’ve seen Emily’s legs in about two seasons. Gams for days! Shauna drops Emily off at some weird warehouse and Alison is there waiting for her. Alison tells Emily that she’s sorry she made Emily worry and wants to come home, but she doesn’t know who A is and is still scared. Alison also doesn’t trust anyone but Emily, but Emily is probably off that list now since Spencer showed up and scared Alison away. Whoops!