Jan.1 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 415: Love shAck, baby

At the end of last week’s episode (watch online here), Hanna finally told her friends that she stole Alison’s journal the night they were in A’s Ravenswood lair. The girls begin decoding the notebook that Alison layered with riddles and fake names and uncover a location. Alison refers to the Busy Bee Inn and they decide to check it out that night, never realizing that their entire conversation is being watched and listened in on by Ezra. Who is A. And terrifying. But still cute. Ugh, so confusing.

Emily had woken up the night before to find Alison in her room, which on this show is a normal occurrence. Seriously, the security for the houses in Rosewood is non-existent. The not-so-dead girl pleads with her friend to forgive her, but as usual, Alison disappears before she really makes a point or shares any pertinent information.

Emily finds a note in her backpack the next day with Alison’s handwriting, asking her to meet Alison at ‘their spot’, but after a few hours, Emily gives up.

The girls are doing a lot of lying about their men this week. First, Hanna reluctantly tells her friends that she and Caleb have broken up only after they’ve pressed her for information. She lies and says the decision was mutual. Aria is also keeping her friends in the dark about her cabin retreat with Ezra. She cancels their plans to hang out, saying they need a girls night to help Hanna with the breakup, when really they’re checking out the Busy Bee Inn. What a bunch of Busy Bee’s they are indeed. Ezra comes up with a plan to steal the journal back by telling Ashley Marin that Hanna needs tutoring and rummages through Hanna’s room while Ashley is on the phone.

Spencer comes home from school to find Mrs. DiLaurentis in the Hasting’s house with Spencer’s father. Mrs. DiLaurentis says she need legal advice about getting a divorce and Spencer questions her father on why she can’t find any other lawyer in town, preferably one she doesn’t share a secret love child with (Jason). Mr. Hastings tells Spencer to drop it and that he’s dropping out of helping Toby fight Radley, saying the sanitarium called him and admitted Mrs. Cavanaugh’s murder was an accident, but it was covered up to protect another patient. Spencer follows Mrs. DiLaurentis to the coffee shop and essentially calls her slutty in front of the whole town. Eeks.

After that performance, Spencer decides it’s probably best to lay low and moves in with Toby for a while.

The girls finally drive out to the Busy Bee Inn, but in addition to being an English teacher, Ezra is also a supreme hacker and manages to turn the computer in Emily’s car off, causing the girls to be stranded within walking distance of his cottage. Aria takes the girls to her love nest under the guise that it’s her uncle’s place and the truth finally comes out. Hanna was hiding the journal from the girls because Alison wrote about her making out with Aria’s younger brother. That’s it?!? Are you kidding me? She also tells the girls that Caleb left her for someone else. That genuinely does suck, even though it’s not the whole truth (watch Ravenswood every Tuesday at 9E/6P on M3).

Hanna takes a ‘too many emotions for one room’ walk and Emily follows her, leaving Aria and Spencer to get locked in the laundry room by A/Ezra, giving him time to steal the notebook back.

Travis, the guy who helped get Ashley out of jail, finally shows up with his tow truck after getting Hanna’s text and takes the girls home. Alone with Hanna in her kitchen, Travis refuses to take any money for the tow, insisting they’re friends. This act of kindness by a cute boy causes Hanna to have a break down over Caleb. RIP Haleb.