Jan.28 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 417: Bite Your Tongue

Aria comes home to find that Mike has invited half the school over while their dad is away. As if random people trashing her house isn’t bad enough, not all the people are random. Aria and Emily find Mona coming out of Aria’s room. She swears she wasn’t snooping and that Mike invited her, which is half true. Aria confronts her brother the next day about his friendship with Mona and Mike admits that they hang out after meeting in a support group led by the school’s new guidance counsellor, Jesse.

When Aria sees Mona and Mike hanging out together the next day, she decides to put a stop to the friendship and finds Jesse, asking him to separate the two. Jesse, who is now added to the list of hot teachers in Rosewood (I grew up in the wrong city), tells Aria that she should join the group. Well, he won’t be much help, but he’s nice to look at.

Aria’s a little late on ending things with Mike and Mona before they heat up, a fact that becomes very clear when she sees the two making out later. So that’s two teens in the Montgomery house sleeping with the enemy(ies).

Aria decides to take her anger on Mona out on Maggie when she runs into her later that day. BTW, tonight’s episode is all about blasts from the past. Aria tells Maggie off for keeping Malcolm away from Ezra and Maggie attacks Aria about her relationship with her teacher. Touché, Maggie.

Emily is on edge after, well, the last four seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and her dad is concerned. Mr. Fields goes to see Mr. Fitz at school and asks him to get Emily more involved with extra-curricular activities in hopes that it will calm her nerves. Of course, this just gives Ezr’A’ more access to Emily and he asks her to help making copies of dialogue for the school play.

Alone after everyone has left for the day, ‘A’ begins to mess with Emily, turning out all the lights and blasting metal music over the loudspeaker. Emily barricades herself in the copier room and calls her father. Mr. Field’s hears Emily screaming from the second floor and scales the drain, rescuing Emily just as ‘A’ pushes open the door.

Emily and her father make it safety down, but Mr. Fields has a heart condition that he hadn’t told his daughter about and collapses. Emily calls an ambulance and her father is okay, for now.

Hanna has swapped boys and clothes for mystery novels. She’s realized that James Patterson is good at giving tips on how to solve mysteries. Hanna runs into Officer Holbrook (blast from past), who apologizes to Hanna for the way she and her mother were treated by the police. Hanna accepts his apology and Holbrook gives her a tip about the crime novel she’s holding – always check the dental records.

Hanna realizes that the dental records of the body ‘A’ used to make everything think Ali is dead may hold a clue. She schedules a teeth cleaning at the clinic she previously worked in and waits for the hygienist to leave and sneaks into the file room. When she returns to the dentist chair, it’s ‘A’, not a doc, who does her cleaning. When Hanna wakes up, her mouth is sore and her memories are foggy. She runs to Aria’s house and the girls take a look inside Hanna’s mouth and find the tiniest note ever made – “. I told you dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking – A”

Spencer looks a little less fresh than normal after spending all night trying to piece together the pictures she took of Alison’s diary before it was stolen by ‘A’. She flirts with her old debate team buddy Andrew (from the past, he blast) and invites him over to study later that day. In her bedroom, Spencer bats her mascara-less lashes and asks Andrew if he has anything he can give her to help keep her awake. Dang, Spencer! Desperate, but successful. Andrew gives Spencer some of his medication and she’s able to pull another all nighter and figure out a bar Alison went to with board shorts.

Spencer checks the pub out the next day and finds Mr. Fitz there. He leaves before his food and drink arrives and the waitress brings his order to Spencer.

Boysenberry pie and beer, the same order as the guy in Alison’s diary. Spencer turns over the bottle of beer Ezra ordered and sees it – Board Shorts Ale. ZZZZOOOOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!