Feb.5 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 418: Hot For Teacher

Spencer is still taking pills to stays up all night researching Ezra and Board Shorts Ale in an attempt to find something else that links Mr. Fitz to Ali. She texts Andrew to get more meds to help her stay up, but he’s all out.

At school that day, Spencer moves onto another dealer, a girl named Brenda.

Spencer’s drug transaction is almost caught by Mr. Fitz, who is ‘concerned’ that her latest paper is subpar. He wants to meet with Spencer after school, but Spencer tells him she’ll take the bad grade instead.

Hanna meets with Detective Holbrook, or Gabe, since they’re bffs now, to get back all her belongings that were seized by the police when her mother was arrested. Gabe offers some more advice on the detective books Hanna has been devouring, which makes Hanna think that she needs to investigate why Spencer is acting so cagey and shaking all the time.

Hanna wants the girls to spend the weekend with Spencer, but Aria lies and says she’s going away with her dad, when in reality she’s spending the weekend at the cottage with Ezra.

Before jetting off to a weekend in the woods with a possible serial killer, Aria stops in to see Jesse, the student counsellor. She almost spills some of her many beans on her many secrets, but decides against it. Unfortunately for Jesse, Ezra sees Aria walking out of his office and likely sets the new teacher as a future target.

Spencer finally gets a break through with her investigation when she searches for Ezra under his real name, Fitzgerald. Hanna and Emily interrupt her detective work when they call to check on up her, leading Spencer to lie and say she’s busy at the library. Hanna runs into Spencer later on the street and when she tries to talk to her friend, Spencer blows her off and makes a big scene.

Becoming increasingly worried about Spencer’s behavior, Hanna tells Mrs. Hastings that she left something in Spencer’s room, giving her a chance to snoop through Spencer’s internet history and figure out that Spencer thinks Ezra is ‘A’. Hanna finds Spencer at Ezra’s apartment, ready to break it, and the two decide to look in his apartment together. Spencer thinks that if she can find something linking Ezra to ‘A’s’ lair the girls found in Ravenswood, they’ll have enough evidence to show Aria. But before they can check out his one bedroom, Spencer sees a camera hidden in the vent in Ezra’s hallway and realizes he’s watching them, forcing the girls to back off.

Shauna is still the only person that Alison trusts, but Shauna needs Emily’s help. Alison stashed $5,000 behind a poster of twins in her room and Emily manages to get it out of the house when she tells Mrs. DiLaurentis she lost an earring while Emily and her mother were staying with Mrs. D.

Shauna is on her way to pick up the money from Emily when she is attacked in her car and wakes up in the middle of the woods. Alison calls her from a bus station to check on whether Shauna has her money, but Shauna is too scared to help her friend and leaves a broke Alison to take a bus to…where?

Thankfully, Spencer and Hanna fill Emily in on their theory about Ezra, so at least now three out of the four girls know. Maybe now Spencer can finally have a nap.

Ezra and Aria are spending the weekend together in the cabin, but Aria is ready to bail after one night.

She’s tired of lying to her friends about their relationship, but Ezra, being a sociopath, manages to convince Aria to stay and make him the most important person in her life. While she’s sleeping, Ezra gets back to work being ‘A’ in his new lair, in the hidden basement of the cabin.