Feb.11 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 419: Shadow Play

The three girls look for more evidence that Ezra is ‘A’ in his office and hit the jackpot with Alison’s stolen diary. They spy Mona going into Ezra’s office after they make their getaway, but still aren’t sure how the two are connected. It’s time to tell Aria what they’ve found, but she’s not answering her phone and hasn’t gotten back from her weekend away with her dad…who is actually Ezra in his secluded cabin. Eeks!

Emily thinks that they found the diary too easily and that it may have been planted there by ‘A’, but Hanna and Spencer can’t figure out why Ezra would do that. Spencer is still taking pills to keep her awake and she’s spending her night reading Alison’s diary and watching a movie from the 1940s. After one pill too many, Spencer loses touch with reality and transports into her own film noir.

Enter Pretty Little Liars’ ode to 1940s cinema.

It’s the 1940s and Spencer is using a rotary phone to track down the phone number Alison had written on her envelope of $5,000 (which is probably $100 in 1940) and finds that it leads to the Fitzgerald Art Foundation, as in Ezra Fitz’s family.

Hanna is a man-hater in the 1940s and Spencer tasks her with finding out what Fitz is up to.

She follows Mona to Fitz’s apartment, but gets caught by her former best friend. Mona calls Spencer to pick up Hanna, but when Fitz begins to question Spencer about why they were tailing Mona, Spencer is at a loss and the girls leave as quickly as they can.

In addition to being a man-hater, Hanna is also a telephone operator and pulls some strings to find out more about the night time answering service that the Fitzgerald Foundation uses.

Spencer gets home from rescuing Hanna and finds Alison waiting for her. The missing girl has hung a portrait of herself above Spencer’s fireplace and as usual, gives Spencer more questions and no answers.

Toby and Ezra meet for a drink at the request of Ezra, who tells Toby that he knows Alison DiLaurentis is alive and points towards Spencer Hastings to find out where she is. As Rosewood’s Detective, Toby rushes to Spencer’s house for answers and pulls her down to the police station for questioning, but Spencer plays dumb and swears she hasn’t seen Alison.

In 1940, Paige and Emily must keep their love secret. Even her friends don’t know about her sexuality, and both she and Paige are terrified that someone will find out about them, forcing the two women to hide their love.

Aria and Ezra are having a drink in his apartment when he tells her that he knows Alison is alive. Aria rushes to Spencer, ready to tell her friend that she still loves Fitz, but things are complicated now.

Spencer wants to tell Aria about Ezra being Board Shorts, but Hanna interrupts them. Her connections came through and she found out where Alison was when she called and left a message at the Fitzgerald Foundation.

The four girls find Alison working as a showgirl in a nearby club. Alison isn’t happy to see her old friends and demands they leave, but before they have the chance, someone shots into the dressing room.

The five girls run, but when they hit a dead end they hear Ezra calling for Aria. No one has told her yet that Ezra is Board Shorts and she goes to Ezra, finding Toby instead.

Toby has knocked Ezra out and he takes the four girls to safety after Alison flees the scene. In the car, Toby yells at Spencer to look at the pages in Alison’s diary, not the book.

Spencer rejoins to conscious world and uses what she learned in her daydream, taking another look at Alison’s diary. She compares the entries to the pages she photographed before the diary was stolen and sees that details have been changed.

She shows Hanna and Emily and the girls agree that Ezra left the book with the changes, hoping they wouldn’t notice. They know now they must tell Aria and go to her house to wait for her to come home, but instead find that she’s already home and with Ezra. Eeks again.