Jun.10 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 501: EscApe From New York

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is picking up right where Season 4’s heart-pounding finale left us. Alison has come back from the dead, Ezra is on the brink of death and ‘A’ is still at large. Let’s get to the dramz!

The girls watch in horror as Ezra is loaded into an ambulance after being shot by ‘A’. Alison sees a hooded figure clinging to Ezra’s ambulance as it pulls away and the girls quickly buy a phone and make an anonymous call to the hospital, warning them that Ezra Fitz needs a security team outside his room. They must regroup quickly and Alison and Aria take ‘A’s’ gun and hit the road, giving the other three girls time to get to the hospital before them.

Emily, Spencer and Hanna sit in the waiting room, hoping to lure ‘A’. Alison and Aria get to the hospital and Alison takes off, with ‘A’ and the girls secretly following behind. The girls think they’ve finally cornered ‘A’ in a park, but an entire team of ‘A’s’ in black hoods encircle the girls. A police cruiser pulls up and scares off the gang, giving Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison time to regroup and make a plan.

Alison remembers a theatre nearby that Ezra used to bring her to. It’s owned by his family and she used to camp out there while she was on the run and the girls head to the theatre to seek refuge. After a lighthearted moment that includes Spencer, Hanna and Emily laughing about a shared memory Ali isn’t a part of, she leaves the group to call some people and let then know she’s alright.

Meanwhile, Aria is back at the hospital waiting for news on Ezra. She overhears a nurse on the phone with Ezra’s mother and learns that they were able to remove the bullet, but he’s still in intensive care. Shana shows up after Alison called her, asking her to check in on Aria. After falling asleep, Aria wakes up and finds Shana gone and runs to Ezra’s room, where she finds Shana.

Ezra wakes up and sees the two girls, quickly going into shock. They’re rushed out of the room and once Ezra is stable, Aria goes back in alone. Finally strong enough after surgery, Ezra whispers ‘A’s’ identity to Aria.

Back in Rosewood, Melissa’s confession to her father in the police station has shaken Mr. Hastings. Melissa wants to reveal her secret to her mother, but Officer Holbrook arrives at the Hastings house and interrupts her. He informs the family that Cece Drake was in custody that night and said she knew for a fact that Alison DiLaurentis was alive. The officer that was watching Cece was found unconscious and Cece is now missing. Holbrook wants to know if there is anything they can tell him about Cece or Alison, but before Melissa can speak, Mr. Hastings cuts her off and tells the Officer they know nothing. Later that night, a very scary looking Mr. Hastings tell Melissa that her mother can never know what she told him. WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?

With Alison’s return from the grave and news of the five girls missing all over the news, Mona decides it’s time to mobilize. She gathers a group of people who have been tormented by Alison, including Lucas and Paige.

After hearing Mona try to prepare the group to take Alison down, Paige decides that she’s not interested. That is, until Melissa walks through the door. The two women seem to know one another, but how?

Cece finds Alison at the theatre and the two go to a coffee shop and meet Noel. We learn that it really was Cece who killed Wilden to help Ali and now Ali is helping her old friend by giving Cece her passport and getaway money.

Alison gets back to the theatre and Emily, who demands to know where Alison has been. Alison admits she saw Cece and didn’t want to tell the girls and make them accessories to Wilden’s murder. Since Cece has Alison’s passport, if she gets caught it will be Alison who goes to jail. Finally, Alison is telling the truth! That is, until we see Cece get on the plane with Vivian Darkbloom’s passport, not Alison DiLaurentis. Okay, still a liar.

Officer Holbrook is back at the police station when he receives a call from the NYPD alerting him that a Rosewood resident has been shot in their jurisdiction. Holbrook begins looking into Ezra and uncovers that Fitz is really Fitzgerald and that his family owns a NYC theatre. Holbrook calls the theatre and Alison picks up, and shockingly, Holbrook recognizes that it’s her. Huh? Does he know Alison? Is Holbrook just another crooked Rosewood cop?

The girls are ready to flee, but a person in a hood with a gun stolen from Aria’s jacket finds them…it’s Shana!

Although she’s been helping Alison, Shana has been playing for Team Jenna and wants to kill Alison.

The girls try to stop her, but it’s Aria, who rushed to the theatre after Ezra told her Shana is A, who hits Shana with a rifle and pushes the girl offstage, killing Shana!

The girls take off just before the police, who Holbrook called after hearing Alison’s voice, arrive on the scene.

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