Jun.17 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 502: Whirly Girlie

PLL 502 Recap

With Alison back to the land of the living and Shana aka A dead, the girls decide it’s time to head home to Rosewood. Alison barely makes it off the bus before trying to bail, but Emily grabs her friend and convinces her that she needs to come home. Spencer skips the homecoming niceties and gets straight to business. The girls are going to the police station and telling the whole truth, especially Alison.


Everyone is on board, until Alison receives a text the other girls don’t see and bails on the plan at the last minute, instead telling Detective Holbrook that she was kidnapped and that her friends have been keeping her safe in an old shed for months.

Alison’s story has a lot of holes, but before Holbrook can question her further, Mr. DiLaurentis finally makes his big debut and arrives to find his dead daughter very much alive.

The rest of the girls have a lot of explaining to do themselves. Hanna, as usual, goes with the bad attitude approach and tries to shrug off her mother’s questions.


Mrs. Hastings wants answers from Spencer, but before Spencer gives her any, Mrs. H shares that Melissa is back from London and has secrets of her own.


Spencer and Emily discuss the night’s events outside, with Emily sticking up for Alison’s bailout on their truth-session. They’re quickly distracted by a noise and see Jason cleaning his car and throwing out trash in the middle of the night. So that’s suspicious. The girls have a look in the trash and find a take-out bag from a bakery in New York City. So that’s really suspicious. Alison sees her friends outside and throws her cell phone down to them. They see a message warning Ali that she’ll be dead in a New York minute if she talks and they finally understand why she changed her story at the police station.

Alison’s father is happy to have his daughter back home and apologizes to her for not keeping him safe.


He seems harmless enough, but when Alison tries to sleep that night, she’s woken up by Jason, who is standing over her. Creepy.


Aria is getting questioned by Mike, who quickly trips her up on her cover story that the girls were in Philadelphia, not New York. She kicks her brother out of her room, but can’t get Shana’s image out of her head. Aria tries to distract herself with some music, but finds that her iPod is full of violin music, which sounds just like the songs Shana played at open mic nights.


The next day, Jason is sitting on the porch with Alison when a woman pulls up with a dog. Apparently, Mrs. D had arranged to adopt the pooch before she went missing. Well, that’s odd, but it will be a bit relevant later on.

Hanna wakes up when she hears Mr. DiLaurentis come to her house and overhears him asking Ashley to look through his soon to be ex-wife’s email. Ashley is hesitant, but with Jessica missing she agrees to do so. When she leaves her computer unattended for a moment, Hanna has a look and sees an email Mrs. D sent to someone unspecified, saying that she can’t protect them anymore.


Hanna and Emily try to find Alison at her house, but instead find Jason, who tells them to stay out of his mother’s email. He takes off in his car and the two girls follow him and watch as he goes into an apartment building in a bad part of town.

Aria gets an unwelcomed surprise when she finds Mike and Mona back on and hanging out in her living room. Mike informs Aria that he borrowed her iPod, which explains where the violin music came from…so is Mike on the ‘A’ team? When Mike leaves the room, Aria tries to get information out of Mona, who as usual, speaks in riddles. I have no idea what her deal is.


Maybe what Mona was trying to say is that she is going to do everything she can to make Alison’s life miserable, because that’s exactly what she tells Alison when she follows her to the cemetery. Oh, and Mona sent the text about killing Alison in a New York minute. Thanks for clearing that up!


For the first time in days, Spencer actually gets some good news with the surprise return of Toby. He tells Spencer and Mrs. DiLaurentis that he went to London to see Melissa and try to get answers from her (seems like a weak story?), but instead found Wren, who said Melissa wasn’t living in London. I am so confused. I don’t really think Spencer gets it either, but she’s too busy hopping into bed with Toby to care. Fair enough.


The girls try to have a meeting at Spencer’s house later to decide what their next move is, but they need Alison there to complete the fivesome. Spencer is sent to the DiLaurentis house to distract Mr. D and give Alison time to sneak out, but instead finds the front door open and Jason sitting in the dark. Spencer point blank asks Jason why he was in New York the night they found Alison and Jason tells Spencer he had nothing to do with Alison’s disappearance, since that’s what she’s getting at. He’s sure that his father believes otherwise and with his mother missing, there is no one to vouch for him.


They’re interrupted by Alison’s new dog Pepe barking in the backyard.


Emily, Hanna and Aria hear the barking from Spencer’s house and they all run to the DiLaurentis yard, where they see Mrs. DiLaurentis’ hand sticking up from her shallow grave.


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