Jun.24 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 503: Surfing The Aftershocks

Surfing The Aftershocks

Alison has been in shock since finding her mother dead, staying in bed for days. And morphing into Hanna. Since when did these two look so similar?


When it’s finally time for Mrs. DiLaurentis’ funeral, Alison upsets her father by wearing the same dress her mother wore to Alison’s funeral.


Emily thinks it was just a coincidence, but Spencer still doesn’t trust Alison and suspects their old friend knew exactly what she as doing when she chose that dress. I agree with Spencer. I don’t think Ali makes a move without thinking ten steps ahead.


After the funeral, the girls go back at school and having a meeting with the principal. He’s doing his best to keep the press and their questions surrounding Ali’s return away from the girls, but he asks that they also do their best to stay out of the public eye.


It’s time to plan their next move, and that means getting to everyone who knows Ali wasn’t really kidnapped and making sure they stay quiet. The girls want confirmation that Ezra won’t say anything, but Aria refuses to speak to her ex. Her refusal wavers quickly after learning from Mona that Mr. Fitz is in fact back in Rosewood and recuperating.


Aria goes to see Ezra, giving him a get-well card from the students and fishing for clues on whether he’s going to tell on Alison. He’s not, but he is still concerned for Aria’s safety, not knowing that Aria killed Shana. Side note: getting shot somehow made Ezra hotter. Well done, Mr. F.


Alison goes to see Ezra next, informing him that Aria gave her a copy of Ezra’s book about Alison. She read the stack of papers looking for clues and accuses Ezra of leaving items out of the book. She knows he’s hiding pages and he doesn’t deny the allegations. What’s it say? What’s it say? Tellmetellmetellme!


Back at Rosewood High School, Emily has her first post-break-up run in with Paige. Well, that’s how Emily sees it. Paige is still clinging to hope that they can be together.


Emily gets distracted when a new girl in school is staring at her, likely because of the Ali situation, but when Emily confronts the girl she gets a different story. Sydney is new to the school and the swim team and asks Emily to coach her. Embarrassed that she yelled at the new girl, Emily agrees, but things get a bit weird in the change room when Paige finds them and tries to make it very clear that she and Emily are dating.


Finally through with school, Spencer heads home to have a super confusing conversation with Melissa. Honestly, I don’t even know what they’re talking about at this point, I just know that neither of them trusts the other.


Hanna’s after school activity consists of accompanying Ali to the funeral home to pick up the guest book from her mother’s viewing. Alison gets spooked by a painting and excuses herself, leaving Hanna alone and the funeral director to mistake Hanna for Alison. Eventually, Ali returns and clears, up the misunderstanding, but there’s something about Hanna and Alison looking alike that sparks memories for Hanna.


Hanna begins to remember the beginning of her friendship with Mona, realizing now that Mona knew the whole time that Ali was alive. Mona got rid of Alison, but then turned Hanna into a nicer version of her former tormentor. Later, Hanna sees Mona at the coffee shop and yells at Mona for ‘forcing ‘ Hanna to become Ali. For once, I have to agree with Mona, who points out that she never forced Hanna to do anything, but was in fact a good friend who helped her get some confidence. Still, Hanna ends this episode by dying her hair, saying good-bye to the twin syndrome.


Emily wants answers and takes Hanna back to the abandoned building where they followed Jason to the week before. The same homeless man is there and admits that he’s been delivering pizza’s to Jason for weeks, confirming that Jason was there with other people the night the girls were in New York and when Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed. The girls are shocked that their theory about Jason was wrong, though Spencer has been adamant that he wasn’t guilty.


Emily returns home after her field trip to the shady part of Philadelphia and finds Paige waiting on her porch. Emily decides that it’s time to be crystal clear and tell Paige that they’re done for good. Just as a reminder, Emily is upset that Paige tried to keep Alison, who brings nothing but harm to everyone, away from Emily. I’m totally team Paige on this break up.


Spencer goes to see Jason to try to find out who he thinks killed his mother, but his only focus is getting far away from Rosewood as possible. Finally, someone with common sense! His parting words to Spencer are that she should not trust their father. peaking of Mr. Hastings, he finds Alison walking around Rosewood late at night alone. He offers to take her home and it seems that Alison is scared of him, but doesn’t want to raise suspicion.


Spencer returns home and shows her father and Melissa the email Mrs. DiLaurentis was about to send right before she was killed. Mr. Hastings, for the billionth time, tells Spencer to stop digging, while Melissa begins to tell her sister the truth, only to be stopped again by her father. UGH! Just spit it out, Melissa!


For someone who said she would never see Ezra again, Aria is now making her second trip in one day back to his apartment. Though she broke up with him because their relationship was based on lies, Aria comes clean to Ezra and admits that she killed Shana. While I do trust Ezra, I’m not sure this was the best move. We did recently learn he was so obsessed with a teenage girl that he began dating her friend and set up surveillance all over a town. I mean, he’s cute, but he’s also nuts.


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