Jul.2 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 504: Thrown From The Ride

Alison’s father thinks his daughter needs a fresh start somewhere else. A teary Alison convinces him to stay, begging him to not take her friends away. He agrees, but one thing he can’t help with is putting the police off any longer. They want Alison to come to the station for a medical exam because of the kidnapping.

Hanna goes with Alison to her medical exam and there is an old scar inside Alison’s leg that she didn’t mention on the police report. Alison insists that the scar only a month old and happened when she jumped out of her kidnappers car, but the doctor and Hanna know it’s been there much longer. Alone in the exam room, Hanna asks her friend where the scar is from, but Alison becomes upset and tells Hanna she doesn’t want to know. Then she hands Hanna a tape recorded that was on during the exam, telling her to make copies of what she told the doctor and give it to all four girls to ensure their stories line up.

Unlike Hanna, the other girls are ready to become besties with Alison just yet. Stuck between Alison and her friends, Hanna’s
stress leads her to resort to her old ways and she shoplifts a shirt.

Lucas finds Hanna at the coffee shop and we learn that his sudden absence was the result of homeschooling. Sure, we can go with that. Lucas begins asking questions about Alison, trying to find out whether she’s coming back to school. Hanna says she doesn’t know and leaves poor Lucas alone.

Mona’s Anti-Alison team is starting to fall apart. Lucas believes that Alison’s kidnapping story is real and he wants out of whatever plan Mona has concocted for Alison. Staying cool, but likely panicking on the inside, Mona moves onto Paige.

Emily is still hanging out with Sydney, the new girl, and begins confiding in her about her mother constantly giving her the third degree about Alison’s disappearance. She likes hanging out with Sydney, who needs help with swimming, but being Sydney’s new coach means frequent run-ins with Paige.

Paige is walking home when Mona approaches her, telling Paige to help her convince Alison to leave Rosewood. Mona tells Paige that if she doesn’t help her, she becomes Mona’s enemy.

Paige makes a show of going to Emily’s house and talking to her on the front step, telling her that they can’t be friends if Alison comes back to school. I think that may have been for Mona’s benefit, since her eyes and spies are everywhere. Or Paige is just pissed.

Mrs. Hastings is upset that their backyard has been turned into a crime scene. She gets even more upset when Spencer asks her mother if she knows what secret her father and Melissa are keeping, but Mrs. Hastings just thinks that Melissa is hiding that she’s gotten back together with Wren.

Spencer’s old debate partner and former pill supplier Andrew checks in on Spencer at school, asking if he can help. She doesn’t need drugs, but she does need help replanting her parent’s garden.

The two are hard at work when they find a dead raccoon in the shed. It found its way into a tub of rat poison, which Spencer finds odd, since they’ve never had rats in the house. Andrew notices the receipt on the tub, which says it was bought the week before. Did Mrs. DiLaurentis wind up in a hole because she was poisoned?

Spencer finally gets her mom to start talking and give her answers. When Alison first went missing, Mrs. DiLaurentis thought Spencer was behind it and threatened to go to the police. Mr. Hastings swore he would reveal their affair if she did, successfully protecting his daughter. But with Alison back and an unidentified girl still dead in a grave, Mrs. Hastings is now terrified that her husband may be behind Mrs. DiLaurentis winding up dead in their backyard.

Alison calls Spencer over to tell her that the toxicology on her mother came back and that someone messed with her mother’s pills. Spencer is almost in tears, relieved that it wasn’t rat poison from her father. Spencer later makes dinner for Andrew to thank him for his help and cuts her hand open. When she opens the cabinet to look for a band aid, she finds pills that showed up in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ toxicology. So much for clearing daddy-o.

Aria can’t stop thinking about Shana and finally looks her up online. Her body was found in the theatre and identified and video footage of her funeral is online. Well, that’s upsetting.

Hoping to find some comfort, Aria goes to see Ezra. Of course it helps, because they’re still totally in love. Mike and Byron are away for the night and Aria doesn’t want to go back to her empty house, asking Ezra if she can stay with him. She changes her mind at the last minute, likely trying to stop herself from falling back in love with Ezra. Or at least admitting it.

Aria heads to Spencer’s house for the night and Spencer gives her a rundown on what she thinks her dad did, finishing the theory as her dad comes home. He tells the girls that he dropped Mrs. Hastings off at a spa to calm her nerves and she’ll be gone for a few days. Apparently, the police came by with questions and she snapped, with Mr. Hastings convince the officers to not press charges. At least that’s the story he’s going with.

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